Dream Roles for Cancelled Shows' Stars: Dex's New Stumptown Lover, Batwoman's Next Baddie and More

New Roles for Cancelled Series' Stars

Bummed your favorite TV show has ended? Look on the bright side: The cast members on said fave series are now free to surprise and impress you in brand new roles. Hooray for silver linings!

With that in mind, it’s time for us to partake in our annual tradition of casting the stars of recently cancelled or concluded broadcast shows in fresh TV gigs, playing roles both real and invented by us. We hatched creative characters to shake things up on a host of returning series, including a luminous Single Parent for Stumptown‘s Dex and a Modern ex for a Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist fella. And we can’t imagine next season without the charms of Jaime Camil, so we’ve dream up a bloodsucker of a role for the Broke and Jane the Virgin vet.

Elsewhere, we had some cheeky fun by re-recasting Dynasty‘s Cristal with a familiar face and staging a Scandal reunion on Prodigal Son. Plus, we’ve selected the perfect thespians to play Batwoman‘s mysterious Safiyah Sohail and Amy’s maternity-leave replacement on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Scroll through the gallery above (or click here for direct access) to review our picks, then hit the comments to share the beloved faces you want back on TV ASAP.

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