Normal People Stars Confess Sins to Fleabag's Hot Priest — Watch Video

Two of our very favorite TV shows from the past couple of years colliding in one comedy sketch? It’s truly a blessing.

Normal People stars Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones reunited for a sketch that aired Friday on RTÉ for Ireland’s Comic Relief, with their characters Connell and Marianne going to church to confess their sins. And who heard their confession? None other than Fleabag‘s “Hot Priest” himself, Andrew Scott.

In the sketch, directed by Normal People vet Lenny Abrahamson — you can watch it above — Mescal’s Connell tells the priest about his “complicated” love story… and the priest, as we know, can relate. Connell says the physical side is fantastic, but when he tries to talk with Marianne, things get confusing, and the priest couldn’t agree more. “When it’s good, it feels so good,” he rhapsodizes, going off on a long, descriptive tangent about his own carnal temptations.

The pair are then interrupted by another confessor: Marianne, who makes it clear she doesn’t buy into the whole church thing before admitting she stole something from her lover. She hands over Connell’s iconic necklace, and the two get into one of their rambling back-and-forth arguments, with the poor priest caught in the middle.

Plus, RTÉ Comic Relief offered another Normal People-themed sketch: Normal Older People, which imagined Connell and Marianne 40 years later (played by older actors), bickering over beans and toast and where she left her glasses. Watch that sketch here:

Press PLAY on the video at the top to watch the Normal People/Fleabag mashup of your dreams, and then tell us in the comments: Would you watch a Season 2 of Normal People?