Search Party Season 3 Premiere Recap: Orange Is the New Brunch

Search Party Season 3 Episode 1 Premiere Recap

Who would’ve guessed that a little rescue mission for a former acquaintance would wind up sending Search Party’s Dory Sief to jail — a place with no Instagram or breakfast tacos! The horror!

It’s been more than two years since Season 2 graced our screens, and when we last saw the gang, Dory had been put in handcuffs for the murder of private eye Keith Powell. Will her friends take the fall with her, and how did the police link her to the crime? With all 10 Season 3 episodes now available to stream on HBO Max, your burning questions are just a short binge away from being answered. In the meantime, you can read on for the highlights of the premiere, “The Accused Woman.”

“So, you want to know the truth?” asks Dory at the top of the half-hour. Her head is shaved, and it looks as if she’s been confined to a jail cell. “Well, this is the truth.”

We then flash back to the night of her arrest. She’s in the back of a cop car, with images from the last two seasons running through her head. Eventually, she’s taken to jail, where she’s booked and an officer logs all of her belongings, which include… the cassette tape her neighbor April recorded with Dory, Drew, Portia and Elliot confessing to Keith’s murder! Dory uses her one phone call to dial the only number she knows by heart: Gail’s. She promises to figure out how to get Dory sprung.

Next, Portia and Elliot meet up with Drew, and in classic Portia fashion, she hilariously admits that she thought Dory’s “I paid the debt” text meant that she’d paid off her student loans. (Of course, Elliot wastes no time rubbing her nose in her mistake.) When Gail calls Drew to tell him about Dory’s arrest, it becomes apparent that the dude’s got zero acting skills. “That is unbelievable! Who the hell would she murder, she’s so small?!?” (A for effort, Drew!) Ultimately, the group decides they’ll all go home and just pretend they don’t know why Dory’s been arrested. Uhh, sure. Solid plan.

While in the shower, Drew has an epiphany. So as soon as he gets out, he towels off, pulls a suitcase out of his closet and hustles to the airport, where he books a flight to China. Yeah, it’s that kind of an epiphany.

While Dory waits to be transferred, she’s taunted by a dead April about the taped confession. It’s all in Dory’s head, of course, but it’s enough shake her to her core. Without warning, she repeatedly punches herself, which makes her nose bleed. After wiping the blood all over her face, she convinces a lackey cop to give her her possessions so that she can get her pills and not infect the entire station with her killer virus. It’s a bonkers plan… and it works! Once she has her things in hand, she grabs the cassette and rips the tape out with her teeth before stomping on it.

When a detective subsequently questions Dory about the tape, she demands a lawyer. The cop then pulls out grotesque photos of Keith’s decomposing body and tells her that an anonymous tipster gave the police details about the crime that were so spot on, he or she would’ve had to have been at the scene to know them. Could one of Dory’s friends be a rat?

While all of this is going on, Portia pays a visit to Elijah and asks if he repeated to anyone “that really, really big secret” she told him. He claims that he blabbed to nobody, and she trusts him. For now.

At the same time, Drew’s on a plane ready to jet-set his way to freedom — that is, until “a police matter” stalls the aircraft’s takeoff. Sure enough, an officer boards the plane and arrests Drew for Keith’s murder. As he’s led into the station, Dory is led out for her transfer. To her amazement, she’s greeted by a mob scene. There are cameras, reporters, a whole crowd screaming her name.

So, who do you think is the anonymous tipster? Did Dory rat out Drew? Grade the premiere below, then drop your thoughts in the Comments! 

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