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Blindspot's Sullivan Stapleton Teases the Aftermath of Weller's Big Mistake: 'It Could Be the Downfall of the Team'

Blindspot Season 5

Even the most unflappable Blindspot agents have their breaking points, and Kurt Weller seemed to reach his on Thursday.

The NBC drama’s latest outing — the fifth in its 11-episode final season — found Weller getting tortured by the Dabbur Zann terror group, who is still seeking intel on the rogue agents’ whereabouts. Upon getting an intense cocktail of drugs injected into his body, Weller proceeded to hallucinate people from his past, including Season 1 adversary Oscar (played once again by Francois Arnaud) as well as his own father, Bill.

Throughout the harrowing hour, Oscar made Weller question his relationship with Jane — “You were never soulmates,” Oscar scoffed — while Bill, who killed Weller’s childhood friend Taylor Shaw years ago, tried to convince Weller that he shares some of the blame for Taylor’s death… while reminding Weller that he’s killed dozens of other people as an FBI agent.

“Anyone that has been so broken [like Weller]… that really does have a huge effect on people throughout their lives until they can deal with it. That’s what we see in Weller in this episode,” says Sullivan Stapleton, who plays the gruff agent. “That stuff with his family and the loss of Taylor Shaw when he was a kid — it’s tough. It still gets him. And finding out how vulnerable we all are, being targeted like that — that’s hard on anyone.”

After learning of the psychological torture that her husband had endured, Jane tried to assure Weller that he is a good man, and those drug-induced visions were merely his fears getting the best of him. But Stapleton warns that Jane’s words “can’t just put [him] at ease” right away, and Weller’s brush with the Dabbur Zann could haunt him for a while.

“It has affected him. Can he trust himself?” the actor teases. “That’s a big thing to ask, and to start doubting himself in these moments — going up against such a big enemy [like the Dabbur Zann], you cannot doubt yourself. You’ve got to be fully focused and sure of what you’re doing.”

Unfortunately for the team, Weller did let slip to Ivy Sands, while under the influence, that he and his fellow agents are holed up in a European bunker. He didn’t say where the bunker is located — and, as Jane optimistically reminded him, “There are hundreds of bunkers in Europe!” — but Weller’s mistake could nonetheless make the Dabbur Zann a bigger threat moving forward, Stapleton reveals.

“It’s just a little hint of where they are, but the fact that they can take one of us and torture us until they get information, or take one of our lives — they can take the team one by one,” he says. “That’s a scary thing. It could be the downfall of the team.”

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