13 Reasons Why Final Season Premiere Recap: Whose Funeral Is It Anyway? Plus, Let's Talk About That Kiss

13 Reasons Why Recap

“On edge” doesn’t even begin to describe the mental state of Liberty High School’s fragile senior class in the final season of 13 Reasons Why.

The premiere opens on a familiar scene, another funeral for a Liberty student. But who died this time? And how did Phylicia Rashad get herself mixed up in all of this? Those questions and more… are not answered, as we immediately jump back six months to winter break.

Clay, as usual, is a total wreck. Not only is Monty the star of his recurring nightmares, but Clay is even beginning to see his ghost during waking hours. He’s also suffering from debilitating panic attacks, the likes of which he hasn’t experienced since fourth grade.

To make matters worse, the police connect Tyler to the bag of guns discovered in last season’s finale, so he’s called in for additional questioning. Alex’s dad helps Tyler convince the sheriff that his bag was stolen… but is he really convinced? Tyler’s friends certainly aren’t convinced, and neither am I. Convinced, that is.

But wait, it gets worse! In addition to Monty’s sister working her way into the group — via joining Jessica’s club — Monty’s lover Winston is also walking the halls of Liberty High. And while she may not know what’s up, he sure does.

Also worth discussing…

13 Reasons Why Alex Zach Kiss* While everyone else is freaking the freak out, Zach opts to throw up his hands and accept that he has no control over what happens next. He maintains this chill demeanor when — gasp! — Alex kisses him after almost falling off the roof.

* After returning from “the facility,” Justin breaks things off with Jessica for both of their sakes. “This… us… it’s not good for me.” He even gives her a version of “it’s not you, it’s me.” As sad as it ever is to see a relationship end, I’m actually proud of Justin for taking such a mature step.

* When his parents are denied a visa, Tony says he has no choice but to hire a coyote to bring them into the states. And how will he pay for it, you ask? By employing the time-honored teen TV tradition of entering an underground fighting ring, of course.

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