S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Parent Trapped — Which Agent Tried to Kill Freddy?

Agents of SHIELD Recap 7x02

“To save SHIELD… we have to save HYDRA.” That realization, which capped Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD‘s final season opener, proved to be easier said than adhered to as more and more team members came to realize who Wilfred “Freddy” Malick is.

Because while Coulson contended that HYDRA must be allowed to form in order to spark SHIELD’s own founding, others offered differing opinions. For example, Yo-Yo suggested, couldn’t they stick around to steer the kid right? Nope, Simmons asserted, because that would alter the timeline just as much as keeping Gideon from being born. Plus, Coulson said, in the absence of Gideon Malick something/something even more insidious could rise to power.

This week’s episode picked up where the premiere left off, with the “away team” split up — Mack and Deke driving Freddy to wherever his secret mission takes him, while Coulson and Daisy stayed at Koenig’s speakeasy to get the gunshot Lady in Red mended. As such, they called for Simmons, who removed the bullet and patched up the Lady in Red, and Yo-Yo. When the Chronicops came knocking, the team hid in a secret room inside Koenig’s office, while a sweaty Koenig did his best to ward off the baddies. It all went off with nary a hitch, save for when a disoriented Lady in Red knocked over a wine bottle that an unsure-of-herself Yo-Yo failed to dart over and grab.

Luckily, the Chronicops just then got a lead on Freddy, leading them away from the bar. Simmons then used some crafty 1930s chemistry to deduce that the vials Freddy is carrying contain a building blocking for the “super serum” that would create Red Skull! They then make tracks for the Zephyr, bringing a blindfolded (but excited) Koenig along for the ride.

Freddy himself first led Mack and Deke to a location that was not the meet site, which is actually 500 miles away. No, he planned to hobo it aboard a train by himself, leaving his new acquaintances behind. But Mack, knowing the mission is to protect this kid at all costs, insisted they tag along. Aboard the train, Mack kept pressing Freddy on what he was really delivering, to the point that an anxious Freddy briefly drew a pistol on the guys. Adding further tension to the trio’s travels was the fact that Deke’s “unplugged telephone”/radio wasn’t strong enough to stay in touch with the Zephyr or the rest of the team.

Meanwhile on the Zephyr, as hinted last week, May is not quite herself upon coming to. Quizzed by Enoch, she remembers everything about the mission to stop Sarge and Izel… except her own death. When May gets wind that the rest of the team is in the field and  Mack is possibly in trouble, she suits up and attempts to leave, but Enoch stops her. What followed was a pretty epic slugfest between the Cavalry and the Chronicom. May gained the upper hand and was brutally whaling on Enoch with a fire extinguisher or something when Daisy & Co. pulled onto the jet in their car. Interrupted in her assault, May laid eyes for the first time on LMD Coulson. And yet she didn’t seem quite as fazed as she should….

Boarding the Zephyr, Simmons realized that a countdown timer was ticking down, giving them just 17 minutes or so until the jet got pulled into a new “time tide.” They flew to catch up with Mack, Deke and Freddy, who were at the drop site. There, Mack discovered one of the green vials that Freddy had slipped inside a bottle of booze. Daisy meanwhile got in touch with Deke, alerting him and Mack to the countdown timer — and to who Freddy truly is. She then, with some hesitation, ordered Deke to kill Freddy. Deke gave it some thought, until Mack ordered him to stand down and because the Chronicops arrived and began opening fire. Daisy, Coulson, Koenig and Enoch arrived to help fend off the “Martians.” Freddy, meanwhile, slipped away with whomever he was meeting, after slowing Koenig down with a bullet.

Enoch, too, got sadly left behind as the Zephyr blinked away into the time “tide.” But as we saw in the bonus scene, he would up tending bar at the speakeasy, where he would regale Koenig with craft cocktails and tales of robots.

What did you think of the episode “Know Your Onions?” And to when do you think the agents got whisked? 

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