HBO Max's Hidden Gems: 20 Offbeat Favorites You Can Stream Right Now

HBO Max Best Shows

So you have HBO Max? Congratulations! Now you can stream all the Friends and Big Bang Theory you could ever want. But after you’ve seen those shows ten times in a row… what’s left?

We here at TVLine are putting on our hard hats and doing a deep dive into HBO Max’s back catalog to examine all the obscure, under-the-radar series lurking in the archives — and we’ve found a treasure trove of hidden gems just waiting to be binged. (Note: We’ve excluded any HBO original series from our search, since those were already readily available via HBO Go and HBO Now. But you should definitely watch Enlightened, OK?)

Thanks to parent company WarnerMedia’s wide reach (CNN, TNT, Adult Swim), your HBO Max account comes with an array of highly watchable shows tucked inside. We’ve got prestige drama (The Honorable Woman), goofy sketch comedy (Mad TV) and reality TV we know you haven’t seen yet (The Bachelor: New Zealand?!). So check out the gallery to the right — or click here for direct access — to see what other shows are at your fingertips once you get tired of hearing the Fresh Prince theme song. And if you find more shows on HBO Max that are worth watching? Drop us a note in the comments below.

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