All My Children Star at Long Last Solves Mystery Behind Her Abrupt 2007 Firing

Dixie's Death All My Children

One of daytime television’s most enduring real-life cliffhangers has at long last been resolved.

All My Children alum Cady McClain — whose popular Dixie character was killed off the now-defunct ABC soap in 2007 (only to eventually be brought back) — is finally opening up about the circumstances surrounding her abrupt and then-controversial firing. In an interview with EW.com, the actress alleges that Dixie’s death-by-poison-pancakes was a retaliatory strike ordered by one of the show’s writers.

“Honestly, I think it was a dig at me by one of the writers that very much wanted to put me in my place,” she explained. “I had stepped out of line and they wanted to put me back in line, and I was going to eat those pancakes and I was going to learn my lesson — and I certainly did.”

Elaborating later on Twitter, McClain recalled the specific incident that she believes led to her ouster. “I was asking the writer [to include a] scene where Tad and Dixie take their kids aside to make sure they know that their [dad] killing someone was wrong,” she shared. “I thought this would be OK. Turns out it was a bad day for an ‘ask!'”

Although McClain declined to identify the AMC scribe in question, longtime fans have noted that Megan McTavish was the soap’s head writer at the time of Dixie’s murder. “Generally, actors are encouraged to not talk to the writers,” McClain explained. “But I thought that since this person knew me for so long… But I know now that I also got this person on a very bad day… At least I didn’t have my head chopped off!”

McClain then noted that the whole kerfuffle is “water under the bridge,” before reminding fans, “I was brought back from ‘the dead’ three times after that!”

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