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The 100 Reveals Octavia's Fate, Hope's Backstory and the Real Reason Everyone Wants to Save Bellamy

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The 100‘s final season switched things up in Week 2, revealing Hope’s emotional origin story through a series of heartbreaking flashbacks — all of which may help save Bellamy in the future.

For starters, we learned that Octavia’s trip through the Anomaly lasted about three months. We know this because Diyoza was literally in labor when the two women reunited in the charming woodsy cabin that would soon become their cozy home for three. We watched the former enemies transform into a pair of badass (and dare I say highly ‘shippable) co-parents, teaching Hope all of the earth skills she’d need to survive.

All the while, though, Diyoza found herself troubled by Octavia’s determination to travel back through the Anomaly to save Bellamy. She even thwarted what was arguably Octavia’s best shot at escaping by destroying a protective helmet she discovered while farming. “Hope needs you,” Diyoza said. “I need you, too. Is that what you want to hear? Your brother left you to die. Why are you so eager to run back to him? Why aren’t we enough?”

The good news is that Octavia did eventually find her way off that mysterious planet (which Hope named “Sky Ring,” even though we later learned it’s actually called Planet Beta). The catch is that she didn’t exactly leave of her own accord; she and Diyoza were taken prisoner by a group known as “The Disciples,” while 10-year-old Hope hid quietly in the cabin.

We still don’t know how Hope escaped Planet Beta and arrived at Sanctum (yet), but we did learn a lot more about Diyoza’s grown-up daughter this week. In the present timeline, she arrived on Beta with Echo and Gabriel, immediately leading her companions to the cabin she once called home. There, she dropped this epic line during a confrontation with Echo: “What is it about Bellamy that has otherwise sensible women willing to die for him?”

For that answer, TVLine turned to showrunner Jason Rothenberg: “I think Bellamy is loyal and passionate, and he has certainly matured so much from the impulsive, shoot-from-the-hip character we met in Season 1,” he tells TVLine. “He and Clarke became a great team, and he and Echo kept their group together on the ring for six years, so he’s become a genuine leader. And of course Octavia has also matured in her own right. There was a while where she didn’t appreciate what Bellamy did for her, but I think she’s come to love her brother the way she probably always wanted to. She’s now willing to go to the ends of the universe to get him back.”

Gabriel also discovered a mind drive in the skull of an Eligius corpse, which included footage of — wait for it — Becca! (When Rothenberg promised us that this season would bring things full-circle, he wasn’t kidding.) The recording explained that time moves differently on Beta because of its proximity to a black hole, so that was one question down. Only a million more to go.

The Eligius crew member had also recorded his attempts at cracking the code of the Anomaly Stone, but just as Gabriel got to that part of the footage, a wild Beta prisoner appeared and smashed his device — and with it, the group’s collective hope of getting home.

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