Our Fall TV Predictions, From Arrow's Spinoff to Walking Dead Redemption: Which (Precious Few) Came True?

TV Show Predictions Spoilers

Back in mid-September — meaning, what feels like 17 months ago — the TVLine staff did the annual thing that we do: proffer predictions for dozens of television shows. Coming out of the pandemic-paused season, what was our latest success rate?

Our editors served up their best educated guesses about Arrow letting fly with a series-ending spinoff, sparks flying in #OneChicago and on Madam Secretary, momentous reunions on NCIS and Grey’s Anatomy, and the TV event that would get all those Friends back together.

Also meriting prognostication was one of This Is Us‘ big (but little) flash-forward mysteries, a short-term Mad Men reboot, encores on The Affair and American Horror Story, and the usual handicapping of freshman hits and misses.

Where did TVLine outright nail it? Where did we come up short? And in which instances were we so, so very wrong? Spoiler alert: This was a very rough year for our predictions. Last time around, we boasted a 33 percent accuracy rate, whereas this TV season… well, we were considerably less accurate. And while it’s “easy” to posit that perhaps more of our forecasts would have been fulfilled if seasons had not been cut short by the pandemic, we only declared an “INCOMPLETE!” grade in a handful of deserved instances.

In the attached slideshow (click here for direct access), we present our original predictions exactly as they were published in mid-September, accompanied by each specific outcome. Take a gander at the results and either applaud or mercilessly mock us.

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