Run Finale Recap: What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been — Plus, Grade It

Run HBO Season 1 finale

With a detective circling in and a dead body left in their wake, Ruby and Billy’s second-chance love story is about to come crashing down. Life on the Run just isn’t meant to last.

Many questions still remained heading into Sunday’s finale: Would Ruby give up her family for another shot with her former flame, or would the rekindled lovers head straight to jail? Would Ruby ever find out about Billy’s true intentions? (And can we please get a spinoff greenlit for Babe and Laurel!?) Let’s break it all down with a recap.

After fleeing from the bar, Ruby and Billy chase after a truck in the middle of a snowfall. They hop in the back and hitch a ride, and after a quick cut, they’re back to getting frisky on the train. When a server comes to their roomette to deliver a late breakfast, Ruby and Billy realize the woman thought the two “love birds” were in their room the entire night. So if someone asks if they might’ve, you know, jumped off a moving train to murder a woman, the lady could be a key witness in their defense.

Officer Babe Cloud wakes up at Laurel’s house to find her new fling working in the basement. Laurel makes a joke about not telling anyone about their tryst if Cloud lets her buddy Daniel off the hook. (Read the room, Laurel!) The mood immediately sours, as we hear scampering footsteps above them. Turns out Daniel was hiding out at Laurel’s the entire time! Cloud acquires a phone that Daniel throws behind him when escaping, but then arrests Laurel for harboring a fugitive. Looks like this new love is officially on the rocks.

Billy tells Ruby that ever since he found out about her family, he knew she wouldn’t choose him. “I want you to miss me, every day for the rest of your f–king life. I want you to think of me, want me and love me even though you’re with him,” he says. (Geez, obsess much?)

After he tells her she’s the love of his life, Ruby tells Billy she’s going to end it with Laurence. She then admits she never finished his book or watched his talk because she was jealous. “I know,” he says before she punches him.

Ruby forces Billy to let her see his talk on his laptop. While she’s watching, an email notification comes up, which brings Ruby to an email from Fiona. Subject: Don’t Let Ruby See This. Of course she hits play on the video, and it’s Billy’s pitch to book publishers, detailing the trip he was about to take just before he texted “Run” to Ruby. She tells him it was impressive. “I had no idea you were capable of something like that,” she says. “Or maybe I did.”

The cops find out from the truck driver that a man and woman jumped off his truck at the train station. Since Laurel told Cloud they were heading to L.A., the chase is on… only Billy and Ruby still think they got away scot-free.

Laurel and Cloud discover that the phone Daniel left behind is Fiona’s. Cloud calls the most recent number and is connected to Laurence, who then leaves Ruby a message telling her to call the police. We then see Cloud on the phone telling someone, “If you do exactly as I’ve told you, we can work this out… You’re doing the right thing.”

Ruby pulls the train’s emergency brake, and Cloud is right there to hop aboard. The train starts again and the conductor announces they’re only 20 minutes from L.A. Cloud hunts for Billy, while he opens his laptop and realizes what Ruby actually saw.

When the train arrives at Union Station, Billy makes a run for it, cash bag in hand. Outside, he finds Ruby looking dejected, but Laurence and her boys are also on the scene. Billy tells her he loves her and that he’s ready to face the legality awaiting him, but he wants her to choose him and admit that she knows he loves her. “Admit it,” he repeats. With her family looking on, Ruby doesn’t utter a single word back to him. She turns around and walks away.

Did Ruby make the right choice? Did you want to see more of Laurel and Babe? Grade the finale and season below, then hit the comments with your thoughts! 

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