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Burden of Truth's Kristin Kreuk Talks Joanna and Billy's Potential [Spoiler]: 'That's Scary for Her to Acknowledge'

Burden of Truth Recap

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s Burden of Truth premiere. Proceed at your own risk!

Burden of Truth‘s Season 3 premiere threw viewers for a loop on Thursday when Joanna unexpectedly pulled a pregnancy test out of her bag. What’s more, the lawyer has yet to take the test, so whether or not she is carrying boyfriend Billy’s baby remains a mystery for now.

“I think she’s terrified to know, and she’s terrified to face the idea of parenthood,” star/executive producer Kristin Kreuk tells TVLine. “I don’t think that Joanna, at the beginning of this season, believes that she can be a mother or she deserves to be a mother. She has so many doubts about her ability to nurture, and I think she’s kind of bought into, in some ways, the ideal of how society props up what the perfect mom is, and she doesn’t fit that mold in any way.”

“I think she also has a lot of self-loathing,” Kreuk continues. “So taking the pregnancy test means she has to face all of that and face the other part of it, which is, I think, deep down she wants more than anything to have a family with Billy. That’s scary for her to acknowledge and deal with for a ton of reasons.”

But even though Joanna very much loves Billy and would like to have a child with him, she has yet to tell her beau about the fact that she might be pregnant. “For her, it makes it less real, if she doesn’t tell him about it. The minute you tell your partner something, it’s something you discuss together, and their opinion becomes a part of it,” Kreuk explains with a laugh. “For her, she just needs to have it be hers at that point in time, because it’s too much to think about including him in it just yet.”

However, that doesn’t mean Billy will necessarily continue to remain in the dark. “I don’t think she plans on hiding it from him forever,” Kreuk adds, “but then, as it happens every season, s–t hits the fan, and there isn’t a perfect time.”

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