Legends' Biggest Character Exits, Ranked — Plus, Pick Your Dream Team!

Legends of Tomorrow Character Exits

If Legends of Tomorrow kept a manifest of its Waverider crew, it would need constant updating, seeing as how the CW superhero series is no stranger to shaking up its team lineup. In fact, more than a dozen crew members have come and gone over the past five seasons, leaving fans shocked and/or distraught on more than one occasion.

TVLine has compiled a comprehensive guide to all the characters who have bid adieu to the time ship, ranked from least to most significant and including details on their first and last episodes, so you can revisit their arcs. Over the years, the show has said goodbye to several longtime Legends — sometimes permanently (R.I.P., Martin Stein), while leaving the door open for others to possibly return one day.

And because this is Legends, the series has parted ways with characters but not their portrayers, allowing them to take on new personas. (Thank goodness for wacky sci-fi/time-travel hijinks that make the impossible possible!)

No matter how or when they departed, every hero made their mark — albeit some had a more lasting impact on the team and viewers. So which exit rocked the Waverider the most and had us reaching for the tissues?

Scroll through the attached gallery (or click here for direct access) to review our rankings, then hit the comments to tell us which goodbye hit you hardest and who you miss the most!

Plus, select your dream Legends team from the roster of past and current heroes (LIMIT 8) via the poll below: