DC's Stargirl: Grade the Premiere

Stargirl Recap Premiere DC

DC’s Stargirl has now made her debut on both the DC Universe digital subscription service and on The CW (where it will lead off Tuesday nights). Do you think the new, Arrowverse-adjacent hero shines?

Created by comic book vet Geoff Johns (who was inspired by his late sister), DC’s Stargirl opened with a thrilling flashback to 10 years ago, where the villains of the Injustice Society (including Brainwave, the Wizard, Icicle and a hulking Solomon Grundy) are in the course of whaling on Justice Society of America members such as Doctor Mid-Nite, The Flash, Hourman and Wildcat. Pat Dugan aka “Stripesy” arrives just in time to see Starman get dealt a fatal blow, by an icicle to the chest. With his dying breaths, Starman hands over his cosmic staff to Pat, in hopes that someone, someday — but not Stripesy — will prove worthy to pick up the baton.

That same night, a young girl named Courtney is seen at home at Christmas Eve, waiting for her father to come home. But he never did.

A decade later, teenage Courtney Whitmore is (begrudgingly) relocating from Los Angeles to Blue Valley, Nebraska, now that her widowed mom has remarried… Pat Dugan. Courtney is in a funk, dealing with a real pill of a stepbrother and also learning that there is no gymnastics team at her new school, where she is relegated to the “losers” table.

One night, Courtney comes across the cosmic staff in stepdad Pat’s basement, and it immediately forms a bond with her. Soon enough, Courtney is learning the fantastic and gymnastic tricks she and it can do together. At one point (and with a hoodie cinched around her head), Courtney happens upon the local drive-in theater and accidentally-ish uses the staff to blow up dickish classmate Henry King Jr.’s car.

When a frazzled Courtney sprints home, Pat gets wind of his stepdaughter’s discovery and is left with no choice but to school her on the JSA, his role in it, and the death of Starman — who Courtney comes to strongly suspect was her father.

At bedtime, the staff calls out for Courtney and whisks her off into the nighttime sky, eventually leading her to the local tire factory’s warehouse. There, she finds herself dragged by an unseen force into the warehouse, where she squares off with resident ISA baddie Brainwave (who we know to be Henry King Sr.). The telekinetic Brainwave lobs many a steel-belted radial at his strange, new adversary, but she nimbly leaps and ducks and somersaults away from them, eventually letting slip with a cosmic staff blast that engulfs her foe in fire. Courtney then races outside, only to be stopped by the giant, flying robot that touches down in her path.

“Courtney!” it bellows. “I told you not to touch the staff!”


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