Stana Katic's Controversial Castle Firing Left Actress 'Hurt, Confused'

Castle Series Finale

It’s been four years since ABC unceremoniously dismissed Stana Katic from Castle (only to turn around weeks later and cancel the series altogether) and the actress behind Kate Beckett appears to have made peace with ugly incident.

In a new interview with Australia’s Daily Telegraph (via the Daily Mail), Katic conceded that the “entire experience” left her “confused” and “hurt,” but added, “Time has passed and I am so thankful to have been a part of that project [and] for it to have affected as many people as it did. People loved [Kate and Nathan Fillion’s Rick as a] couple and loved the story we told, loved all of those characters.”

Although no one connected to ABC or Castle has ever explained the thinking behind potentially continuing the show sans Katic, reports at the time of the 2016 incident suggested it was a cost-cutting move ahead of a an ultimately ill-fated ninth season.

In a 2018 interview with EW.com, the current star of Amazon’s Absentia admitted, “I’m actually still not clear on the thought process behind the way that it went down,” before adding, “It hurt and it was a harsh ending.”

That said, she was quick to note, “I met so many beautiful people [on the show], and we collaborated on something really unique. It would be a disservice to those people, to the work that we did together, and to my work, which I feel contributed, in part, to the success of the show, to be anything but grateful.”

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