The Voice Season 18 Finale Predictions: Who Will Win — and Who Should


For pretty much the entirety of Season 18 of The Voice, I — and, based on your post-recap comments, you, too — believed that Team Nick Jonas’ Thunderstorm Artis was a lock to win. Now, though, I’m not so sure. Read on, and I’ll explain why while guesstimating the odds of each of the Final Five scoring a victory during Tuesday’s season ender.

The Voice Winner Predictions Season 18 Thunderstorm ArtisToneisha Harris (Team Blake Shelton) | I love me some Toneisha, but her coach had to save her ahead of the Semi-Finals, and she had to sing for the Instant Save Tuesday. So while she has the voice to win, she just doesn’t have the votes. Chances of winning: 9 percent.

Micah Iverson (Team Kelly Clarkson) | He’s cute, likable and, to his credit, has improved under his coach’s tutelage. But if he’s a gem, he’s still an unpolished one, and definitely one that pales in comparison to his stiff competition. Chances of winning: 12 percent.

The Voice Winner Predictions Season 18 Thunderstorm ArtisThunderstorm Artis (Team Nick) | Not just a great singer, a true artist, Thunderstorm hasn’t given a single performance that was less than stunning. Hands down, he should win. But I think we’re in for a repeat of Season 17, which saw the spectacular Katie Kadan lose to a milquetoast rival. So, sadly, these are Thunderstorm’s… Chances of winning: 23 percent.

Todd Tilghman (Team Blake) | I may be Team Thunderstorm all the way, but even I can admit that, when Todd’s at his best, he’s a well-above-average Joe Cocker. (His Semi-Final performance was so solid, he didn’t in the slightest need the gimmick of being surrounded by his kids.) What’s more, he’s connected with viewers in a way that I didn’t see coming. Maybe it’s just his massive family that’s voting? Chances of winning: 38 percent.

CammWess (Team John Legend) | In the wake of his breakout performance during the Knockouts, CammWess began to seem more and more like he might be able to come from behind to snatch away the win from Thunderstorm. But then, when I wasn’t looking — I must’ve been refilling my Kelly Clarkson Wine Goblet™ — Todd somehow emerged as the frontrunner’s biggest competition, and CammWess’ momentum slowed to the point that these are his… Chances of winning: 18 percent.

OK, your turn. Vote in the polls below for the contestant that you think will win — and the one that you think should. Then hit the comments to back up your votes.

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