Single Parents Finale Sneak Peek: Angie and Will Try to Recall Which of Them Initiated Their 'Intimate' Sleepover

One minute, Single Parents besties Will and Angie were enjoying a farewell dinner of wine and pizza by gas-station candlelight; the next, they were waking up together mid-cuddle. And in this exclusive sneak peek from the zippy ABC sitcom’s Season 2 finale (Wednesday, 9:30/8:30c), all their friends want to know is which of them was the cuddlee and which of them was the cuddler.

Of course, remembering who initiated the snuggle is easier said than done for a besotted Will, who fears that he’s still drunk, and Angie, who’s certain that she is. In fact, about the only thing that she remembers for sure, she tells Poppy, is that “we still had all our clothes on [in the morning], so nothing too crazy happened.”

“But,” Will hastens to point out to Douglas and Miggy, “it was intimate.”

Before the $64,000 question can be answered or even thoroughly investigated, in walks Derek (Leighton Meester’s real-life husband, guest star Adam Brody) to usher away his babymama to Barstow for the summer. (Awkward!) So if Will doesn’t reveal to Angie that he’s nuts about her as more than just a pal, and fast, his crush could wind up falling for Graham’s hot dad all over again!

To check out the rapid-fire clip from “No. Wait. What? Hold On,” press PLAY on the video above. Then hit the comments. Are you rooting for Will and Angie to hook up… or do you prefer her with Derek? Oh, and ABC has to renew the show, right?

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