The Voice Top 9 Results-Show Recap: Season 18's Final Five Are…


In a first for The Voice, Tuesday’s Semi-Final Results Show advanced to the finale the top vote-getter from each of Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Nick Jonas’ teams as opposed to the top four vote-getters overall. The remaining five singers then competed for Season 18’s last Instant Save.

Having a Final Five instead of a Final Four seemed fine to me — anything that gives us more of the contestants to whom we’ve gotten attached. But I didn’t see why there had to be one from each team. If one coach’s team is stronger than his rivals’, wouldn’t his or her advantage in the finale have been earned? Automatically advancing a contestant from each team, whether they had the overall votes to get through, feels a little like handing the coaches certificates of participation. “You get a finalist… and you get a finalist… and… ”

Then again, I am a born quibbler. Mostly, I’m just grateful that NBC found a way to keep the show going on in these trying quarantimes; it’s comfort food that never fails to make me come back for seconds. All that said, let’s fill up our Kelly Clarkson Wine Goblets™ and get to the results…

Micah Iverson (Team Kelly)
Thunderstorm Artis (Team Nick)
CammWess (Team Legend)
Todd Tilghman (Team Blake)


Megan Danielle (Team Kelly), “Simple Man” — Grade: B+ | Megan turned her rasp up to 11 on her Lynyrd Skynyrd cover — she even gave me Janis Joplin vibes — then really let loose at the halfway point. Very winning. When she was done, Kelly noted that her “believability was just off the charts.” Agreed. She’s like a pack of cigarettes we all feel like we’ve smoked even if we haven’t.

Allegra Miles (Team Nick), “In My Blood” — Grade: A- | From the start of Allegra’s Shawn Mendes cover, she wore her heart on her sleeve — well, metaphorically; she was sleeveless. Overall, I have to say that I didn’t connect with her performance the way I had with Megan’s, but I couldn’t deny that Allega put forth the superior vocal. It was massive and emotional and then some.

Zan Fiskum (Team Legend), “Always Remember Us This Way” — Grade: B+ | From the outset, Zan gave me Lana Del Rey vibes, which is always a good thing (even though she was covering Lady Gaga). And Zan was, frankly, terrific, not just going for broke but whatever comes after broke, too. Still, I thought Allegra had brought to the table more overall fireworks and would probably get the Instant Save. (It sounds like I was gonna be, but I wasn’t gonna be mad at that.)

Joanna Serenko (Team Blake), “Unaware” — Grade: B | Oh, man, this Allen Stone number was right in Joanna’s sweet spot. This is the jazzy kinda song that she’s just meant to do, and I’d buy an album of it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I didn’t think that she was going to get that album released because she’d won The Voice; strong as she was, this felt like her swan song.

Toneisha Harris (Team Blake), “Loving You” — Grade: A | Before Toneisha went on, I was like, “C’mon, bring it, T!” I knew she had it in her. But damn, I didn’t think that this Minnie Riperton classic was gonna get her the votes. She even hit those insanely high notes, but I just didn’t see this sweet, laid-back performance pushing her through to the finale. (And why on earth didn’t they adjust the birdsong sound effect that had interfered with Allegra Monday?!?)

SAVED | Toneisha Harris (Team Blake)

ELIMINATED | Allegra Miles (Team Nick), Megan Danielle (Team Kelly), Zan Fiskum (Team Legend), Joanna Serenko (Team Blake)

So, what do you think of the Final Five? Which of the eliminated singers would you have saved? Vote in the poll below then hit the comments.

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