Survivor: Winners at War Finale Predictions: Whose Game Is it to Lose — Plus, Will Natalie Earn Her Way Back In?

Survivor Season 40 Finale Predictions

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Two cops walk into a tribal council… No, I can’t actually tickle you with an island funny because real talk: Tony and Sarah’s showings on Survivor: Winners at War have been no joke.

On Wednesday (beginning at 8/7c on CBS), Jeff Probst will crown the season’s victor with a $2 million check and the title of Sole Survivor, and that player could be (and should be) one of the show’s resident cops. Although Tony and Sarah have played together three times, the Cops R Us alliance has yet to make it to the end together. Can they make it happen this time around, and does anyone else have a shot in hell at the prize? Let’s break it all down with some lofty predictions!

Ben Driebergen
Let’s not talk about how Ben’s original win seemed… tainted by easy-to-find idols and a suspiciously-timed twist. (#JusticeForChrissy!) No, we won’t discuss that again. Shade aside, Ben seemed out of his league this season. Swooning over Rob and blabbing his mouth led to some early, but not critical blunders. However, his social game leaves a lot to be desired. Sure, he’s joined a few alliances, but does he have strong enough ties on the jury, and can he beat any of the remaining players? Prediction: Ben’s idol may help him get to the final three, but he’s not going to win. (In a recent TVLine poll, Ben received the least amount of votes from readers when asked who they want to win.)

Michele Fitzgerald
Survivor Season 40 Michele FitzgeraldWho doesn’t love an underdog story? The Kaôh Rōng winner has been playing from the bottom all season, but her strong social game and smart fire token spending served her well. Her storyline has all the elements of a winner’s edit, including a tale of redemption that would stick it to everyone who called her an undeserving champ. Her best play to make it to the end? Link up with the Edge returnee and convince Denise to take out one of the cops. Our thoughts: Michele snags another immunity win (or two!) and creeps her way into the final three. (Plus, over a quarter of TVLine readers who voted want to see her win.)

Denise Stapley
The Queenslayer had a very strong early start to her game. Her biggest resume builder, a pre-merge move that knocked Sandra off the board, was flashy, but forever ago. She hasn’t really followed that up with anything extraordinary, but she’s also been playing from the periphery. If Denise can make a big play and take out another huge target (Tony?), she could have a strong case to present to the jury. Our wager? Ben or Tony’s idol will lead to Denise’s demise.

Sarah Lacina
In terms of Sarah, two questions come to mind. Can she actually beat Tony in a final three and will she cut him before he makes it that far? We’re guessing: Nope and nope. Cops R Us seems loyal to each other, as evidenced by Tony offering her his idol, but it’s doubtful that Sarah can best him if they sit side by side. While I’d love to see the fireworks of a blindside at the final six or five, it’s doubtful the officers will turn on each other. (There are about two-million reasons why she should, though.)

Tony Vlachos
Survivor Season 40 Tony VlachosIt’s Tony’s game to lose, plain and simple. The Cagayan winner has been playing hard, controlling votes, dominating immunities and gathering intel from his (ridiculous and entertaining) spy nest. With an idol (and Sarah and Ben) in his back pocket, Tony’s path to the end is paved. In fact, nearly half of TVLine poll respondents are rooting for him. Picking a winner is always a gamble in this volatile game, but: If Tony makes it to the end, it’s in the bag.

But a returnee from the Edge could throw the wrench that ruins Tony’s best laid plans…

Natalie Anderson
The penultimate episode worked overtime hyping up Natalie as the second returnee. With three advantages under her belt for the battle-back challenge, can the CrossFit queen claw her way back in? Though it could be some editing trickery, it’s a safe bet that Natalie returns. There’s no other Edge player I’d rather see re-enter. (#SorryNotSorry, Boston Rob fans!) Nat is one of the smartest castaways to ever play, and physically, she’s a warrior. If she swoops back into the game and uses her immunity idol to knock out a big target, she could become the next Chris Underwood.

Now it’s your turn! Hit the Comments section with your winner predictions, and tell us who you think will return from the Edge of Extinction. 

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