American Idol's Top 11, Ranked: Which Lucky 7 Will Survive the Next Cut?

American Idol Season 18 Top 11

Eleven singers remain in the running to win ABC’s American Idol, and with Disney Night fast approaching (Sunday, 8/7c), we have a pretty good idea which contestants’ dreams will come true.

Last Sunday’s episode cut the number of contestants in half, presenting the Top 10 of Season 18. But Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan felt strongly enough about Makayla Phillips to use their only Judges’ Save of the season to keep her in the competition for at least another week.

Now, with just over 24 hours until we find out which singers have made it through to the Top 7, TVLine is taking stock of which singers our readers are rooting for — and which they expect to be eliminated tomorrow night.

It’s interesting to see how the contestants’ ranks have changed since the last time we asked our readers to play favorites. Jonny West, for example, now finds himself closer to the top than before, while Sophia Wackerman — sorry, Sophia James — has taken a bit of a tumble on the list.

And for what it’s worth, our readers are pretty good at predicting how Idol is going to shake out each week. Of the 11 singers remaining in the competition, only one name differs from our readers’ predictions; they would have put Franklin Boone, not Jovin Webb, in the Top 11.

Browse our readers’ ranking of American Idol‘s Top 11 — you can click here for direct access —  then drop a comment with your own thoughts below. Who are you rooting for at this point?

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