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Dynasty EP Strips Down Those 'Finale' Twists, Teases the Epic Fallon/Liam Wedding We Didn't See... Yet

Dynasty Recap

Dynasty paid homage to The Hangover on Friday, sending the show’s wildest party animals (and Cristal!) to Vegas for a bachelorette party that no one will be forgetting anytime soon.

TVLine spoke with showrunner Josh Reims about how the events of this episode will affect Dynasty‘s fourth season, but first, here’s a quick recap of what went down in the finale: After a night of debauchery, Fallon & Co. were forced to retrace their steps, leading them to discover that Sam — who was essentially roofied, thanks to an overpriced hipster mixologist — got married (!) to a stripper (!!) named “Scorpio” (!!!). Fortunately, Sam’s new hubby Ryan (played by Station 19‘s Lachlan Buchanan) turned out to be a real swell guy, putting his number into Sam’s phone… and not just as his emergency contact.

Back in Atlanta, Adam worked his twisted magic to further damage Blake’s uneasy relationship with the Moldavians; Alexis and Jeff consummated their marriage after she found herself experiencing (gasp!) feelings for her platonic husband; and Anders left town to go “hunting” for the truth about Adam’s sketchy past. Not only did he figure out that Adam pushed Alexis’ face into the fire, but he also knows that Adam is dating Kirby, so… let the games begin!

OK, time for some answers…

TVLINE | Let’s start with the snake in the hotel room. Real or fake?
[Laughs] Well, it’s interesting, because there were actually two snakes. One was real and one was fake. The one that went over Raphael [de La Fuente] was not real, but the one that went around the corner was real.

TVLINE | Now that we’ve established that, let’s talk about the season. Larger global issues aside, it must have been frustrating to have to hit pause when you were just getting to the climax.
It was a little frustrating. At the beginning of the year, I had this one image of how I wanted to end the season. Remarkably, we managed to keep building towards that. So when we had to stop at 20, I was like, “I can’t believe we’re not going to get to do this one scene. And I’m not going to say what that scene is, because hopefully we’ll be getting it at the beginning of next season. But we’d been building towards Fallon and Liam’s wedding from the beginning of the year, and it felt like that would have been a good end to the season, so that was a little frustrating.

TVLINE | So we would have seen a wedding?
Yes, we would have seen Fallon and Liam get married, which we may still see next season. Episode 20 recalibrated all of the relationships to take us into the last two episodes, and everything was going to sort of come to a head. Blake was going to finally go to war with Alexis, Jeff and Adam; Fallon and Liam were going to have their wedding; and we were setting Sam up to have a new relationship. So in that way, this sort of felt like a season finale, just not as big as a normal one would be. Obviously if we end up doing 21 and 22 as the first two episodes of next season, I’ll have to adjust a little, because I don’t want Episode 2 to feel like a finale. We’re hoping to use as much as we can of what our plan was, since both scripts were already written.

TVLINE | So we’ll be picking up right where we left off next season?
I think we have to. Because we’ve been building up to this wedding for so long, we’d be cheating the audience if [we didn’t give it to them]. So I’ve been toying with the idea of seeing if maybe we can do a few things before those two episodes at the beginning of next season, but either way, it feels like that’s where we’re headed.

TVLINE | And is it safe to say that Blake’s troubles with the Moldavians will continue? The minute that country was mentioned, fans had bells going off in their heads.
They’re definitely not over. I can’t say whether there will be a Moldavian massacre or not, but the Moldavians will definitely be returning. That episode was so ridiculous and fun to do, and I’d love to explore the royalty of Moldavia. We don’t want to do exactly what they did on the original, but whatever our version of the Moldavian Massacre is (which won’t be a massacre), we’re going to try and build up to that.

TVLINE | Back to the finale, I’d normally roll my eyes at someone drunk-marrying a stripper… but I happen to like that actor, so I’ll let it slide.
[Laughs] We went into the episode with Sam thinking, “I’m never going to have another relationship again.” So even though he got married under the influence, it showed that — deep down — he does want a relationship, whether he knows it or not. We were going to bring back Ryan (aka “Scorpio”) for Episodes 21 and 22, and we were going to explore the idea of Sam trying to have a relationship with this guy. It was going to be an interesting triangle if we were to bring back Fletcher, Sam’s married ex-boyfriend.

TVLINE | The actor who plays Ryan is also on Station 19. Is there any concern about him not being available when you’re allowed to film again?
Honestly, I don’t know. Hopefully, when we need him, it’ll still be fine.

TVLINE | I guess you could always recast him. Which reminds me… Is it too early to celebrate that we’re finally going to start a new season with the same Cristal?
[Laughs] No, I think it’s very exciting! I kind of wanted to do this thing — which I still might do — where we pretend at the beginning of the season that we’re getting another new Cristal. But I don’t want to scare Daniella [Alonso]. She’s so great in the role, and I’m so excited that she’s coming back.

TVLINE | Lastly, is Alexis… in love? I’m trying to decide if her speech to Jeff was genuine. It felt real!
It is genuine. She didn’t go into that marriage expecting to like Jeff. It was purely a business arrangement, but she does like — as she said — being Mrs. Colby. She did develop feelings for him, and when she walks in on Jeff with Mia, it does hit her harder than she expected.

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