Tommy Series Finale Recap: Was the Chief Able to Get Her Job Back?

tommy cancelled finale recap

The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from the Season 1 finale of Tommy, which was cancelled earlier this week by CBS.

Tommy‘s run on CBS may be over, but Tommy’s time as police chief shall continue.

In the freshman drama’s 12th and final episode, it was all hands on deck as Blake, Ken, Diaz and even Cooper did what they could to dig into who and why Vice commander Santos was coerced into giving false testimony that led the Ethics Commission to dismissing Tommy as the LAPD’s top cop.

In the end — after the creepy guy (former cop Howie Ford) who had been tracking Blake got killed, and after a coroner was caught falsifying at least two causes of death — it was Mayor Buddy Gray who gave Tommy the final lead she needed to get at the truth, much to Deputy Mayor Doug’s dismay.

The long and short of it: Real estate tycoon Lovell had paid Arturo Lopez to help get substandard construction at his Sunset Palace development a passing grade by the buildings inspector. When a homeless man was subsequently crushed to death by a collapse at the site, Egan paid the coroner to claim the deceased was the final victim of the Crenshaw Fireman serial killer. Vincent the journalist began investigating, so the aforementioned Howie Ford had him killed in a fire — and then had the same coroner falsely ID that body, creating the appearance that Vincent “disappeared.”

Egan was brought in for questioning, and as his lawyer advised him to not say a peep, Tommy and Cooper laid out all the evidence before them, then nudged the detective to go out as some semblance of the man his colleagues revered, and not as garden variety prison scum. Egan flipped on Lovell, leading the Ethics Commission, now armed with all the facts, to reinstate Tommy as police chief.

Soon after, Lovell showed up at Tommy’s office with an army of lawyers, hinting that he had made a sweet deal in exchange for information he gave to the DoJ. But on his way out of HQ, Lovell was surprised by and gunned down by Santos, who in turn got shot dead by Diaz.

Returning to her office later, Tommy received a phone call from the DoJ, saying they hoped to have the LAPD police chief’s cooperation in a new investigation — into Mayor Gray, who was sitting right there in Tommy’s office, after (thankfully!) firing Doug.

Is it small comfort to know that Tommy is back on the job, even though her story will no longer be told on TV? 

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