Blindspot Final Season Poll: Who Do You Think Died in That Explosion?

Blindspot Season 5

After nearly a year off the air, Blindspot returns for its fifth and final season on Thursday (NBC, 9/8c) — but will all of the show’s core cast members come back with it?

In case you need a refresher, the Season 4 finale found Jane, Weller and the rest of the FBI team getting framed for a scheme called Project Helios, which had really been orchestrated by the season’s Big Bad, Madeline Burke. Shortly after the team found a remote cabin where they could hide from the authorities, Madeline ordered a drone strike on the location — and a missile hit the cabin while Reade, Zapata, Weller and Patterson were still inside. (Jane, meanwhile, had volunteered to take first watch that night, so she wasn’t inside the building when it was hit.)

Of course, it is possible that all four characters will survive the strike. In that same episode, the agents were notably made aware of a series of underground tunnels beneath their cabin, which may have offered an escape route if the team was alerted about the drone strike in time. But in the wake of that cliffhanger, series creator Martin Gero had hinted there would be at least one casualty. (“It would be safe to assume that not everyone makes it out of that safe house alive,” Gero warned at the time.)

But who is the most likely victim? All four of these potential losses would be a huge blow to the team: How would Jane cope with the death of Weller? Might Reade and Zapata be separated after rekindling their romance? And how could the agents forge ahead without Patterson’s tech skills on their side?

We won’t get any of our questions answered until Thursday’s premiere — but we can certainly speculate in the meantime. Cast your vote below for the post-explosion outcome you think is most likely, then drop a comment to back up your guess.

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