All Rise EPs on Season 2 Renewal Odds: 'There's a Lot of Question Marks'

All Rise Renewed or Cancelled

Will All Rise‘s pandemic-themed episode pave the way for a Season 2 pickup?

Next Monday (at 9/8c), the freshman CBS legal drama will air a special virtual installment, which was filmed in the cast’s homes using online technology such as Zoom, FaceTime and WebEx. The hour incorporates the current real-world global coronavirus outbreak into its fictional world to tell a timely story in which Judge Lola Carmichael presides over a virtual bench trial. So can the fact that the network and studio Warner Bros. Television gave the producers the green light to execute such an ambitious episode be seen as a good sign for the show’s renewal odds?

“From your mouth to God’s ears!” co-showrunner Dee Lawrence-Harris tells TVLine, while adding that the pandemic installment “wasn’t presented as such or even delved into for that reason. It was really to try and be satisfying for the audience who watches [All Rise].”

However, “I don’t think it bodes ill for us,” co-showrunner Greg Spotisswood notes. “I feel like we have a lot of people that we’re working with on the studio, on the network side, who have a genuine affection and love for the show and for the characters and for what we’re trying to do. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have allowed us to do this experiment, which frankly at the beginning, none of us really knew what we were doing. [Laughs] We pitched it to them with all the confidence that we could, but everybody knew that this was a bit of a roll of the dice. And the fact that they’ve gone on this journey with us, supported us, creatively and obviously financially and all of that, that shows that there’s a certain commitment to this creative team and our show. Will that translate into a Season 2? None of us know. But there’s a lot of question marks about what’s coming back, how it’s gonna come back.”

Having proven themselves with next Monday’s episode, “what I do believe is that we have a show that can adapt to the time,” Spottiswood continues, “not just in terms of the process that we make it with and the protocols that would have to come into place to make sure that it’s a safe work environment, but from a creative and storytelling standpoint. We have an opportunity to be the character-driven show that has a really great mixture of tones that speaks to very contemporary issues and ideas in Los Angeles and in the United States around the judicial system. This show is very well poised to be able to incorporate whatever’s happening in the world and in the country and in the city of Los Angeles into its storytelling. Hopefully, the people who make the decisions will see that, too.”

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