Jeopardy! Host Alex Trebek 'Just Witnessed Something That Never Happens on Our Program' β€” WATCH

Jeopardy! contestant Sarah Jett Rayburn made history on Monday’s show, much to the amusement of host Alex Trebek.

At the end of the episode, returning champ Rayburn provided an incorrect answer to a Civil War-themed Final Jeopardy question and, instead of leaving well enough alone, she proceeded to awkwardly explain to Trebek why she chose General Grant vs. the correct response, General McClellan. “I wasn’t sure… I second-guessed myself,” she stammered, before quickly adding, “Sorry, I shouldn’t be talking now.”

But after receiving some encouragement from a clearly tickled Trebek, the talking continued.

“I was afraid that, you know, Grant seemed safer… you know what I mean?” she continued, before once again apologizing profusely for hijacking the final seconds of the episode.

That prompted Trebek to turn to the camera and declare, “Ladies and gentleman, you have just witnessed something that never happens on our program. An explanation of why the contestant wrote down what she did.” (Watch video of their entire exchange above.)

Earlier in the episode, Rayburn, a writer and stay-at-home-mom from Texas, lit up social media when she confused music icon Chaka Khan with 1800s warrior leader Shaka Zulu. Watch the clip of that moment below.

Despite the two high-profile gaffes, Rayburn prevailed over the competition for the second day in a row; her two-day total stands at nearly $40,000.