Price Is Right Announcer George Gray 'Recovering Well' After 3 Heart Attacks

Price Right Heart Attacks

The Price Is Right announcer George Gray is “recovering well” after suffering not one but three massive heart attacks earlier this week.

“He is recovering well, considering his brush with death,” Gray’s rep, Phil Viardo, told our sister site Variety. “I was able to speak to him for about 20 minutes this morning, and he is in good spirits after the scare of his life. He is currently resting and focusing on recovery.”

According to TMZ’s veritable play-by-play, Gray allegedly woke Monday with chest pains, and on the way to the hospital suffered his first heart attack in the ambulance. After the surgical insertion of one and then two failed stents, he suffered the second attack. The third came while Gray was on the operating table to receive a third stent. Following a quadruple bypass, he was described as in stable condition.

Viardo tells TVLine that Gray is currently recovering in an Arizona hospital with his wife Brittney “by his side” best she can, given COVID-19 protocols.

Being in otherwise excellent physical shape, with no cholesterol issues nor any drug or smoking habits, the 53-year-old Gray has said he suspects genetic factors were at play. As such, Viardo said Gray “wants this situation to be a reminder to everyone to mind their heart health [since] what happened to him could happen to anyone.”

Gray jokingly credited the coronavirus pandemic for inadvertently saving his life, seeing as he and his wife would have been on a remote beach in Thailand at the time of his heart attack, for a one-year anniversary vacation.

With Hollywood shut down by the pandemic, The Price Is Right is currently in the midst of an indefinite production hiatus.

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