God Friended Me Series Finale Video: Ali Drops a Bombshell Before Her Surgery

Ali’s got some surprising news for Miles and her father ahead of her cancer surgery on this Sunday’s two-hour God Friended Me series finale (CBS, 8/7c).

In TVLine’s exclusive video from the second half of the series ender, Ali reveals that she’s signed over her medical power of attorney not to her dad or brother, but to her stepmom Trish. An alarmed Miles wonders if the decision means something is wrong, but Ali explains that it’s just standard paperwork. And when Arthur suggests that they should have talked about it as a family, Ali sticks to her choice.

“I get that this is a lot to take in, but I know it’s the right decision,” she says.

However, before Ali can go into surgery, there’s one more thing she needs: her mother’s Bible, which she left behind at Miles’ place. Luckily, she’s got a super supportive brother willing to do whatever it takes for his sister — but will Ali get the Bible in time?

In the first part of the finale, “Miles helps his new friend suggestion, C.J. (This Is Us‘ Lonnie Chavis), a young boy who claims an angel wants him to reunite his father, Corey (Scandal‘s Cornelius Smith, Jr.), the creator of the God Account’s original algorithm, with Corey’s estranged father (Alias‘ Carl Lumbly),” per the official synopsis. Then in the final hour, “Miles is forced to examine his lack of faith more than ever before when the God Account sends him his sister, Ali, as a friend suggestion on the eve of her cancer surgery.”

Press PLAY above to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your hopes for the series finale!

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