The Flash Recap: Fight Night — Is Speedster Barry Down for the Count?

Flash Mirror Iris 6x16

This week on The Flash, Barry had a need to monitor his speed. But when superhero duty pulled him in multiple directions, who was it that he ultimately let down?

As Carver sicced Rag Doll on Joe West, Singh begged his top cop to hide out in WITSEC — but Joe refused, feeling he is close to getting the goods on the tech titan and his ties to Black Hole. But sure enough, Joe nearly dies when during a drive his car speeds up and refuses to brake. Luckily, he throws himself out the driver door before it crashes and explodes into a wall.

Meanwhile in the Mirrorverse, Iris has “adapted” to a point that she can now make sense of the monitors and what not, so she shares with Eva her idea to somehow get in contact with Barry, her husband, who as The Flash should be able to vibe in and save them. Eva buys herself some time by faking exhaustion, before slipping away to task Mirror Iris with draining The Flash of his increasingly precious power.

Joe is grilling Sunshine at the CCPD while Barry reviews evidence from the crash scene. And just as Barry realizes that Rag Doll was behind the crash, we see the bendy baddie extricate himself from a file box in the interrogation room and pounce on Joe. Joe gets off a couple of bullets which Rag Doll manages to deflect back at the lawman. Barry speeds to the scene… but sputters out just as the second bullet eludes his grasp and wings Joe’s shoulder.

Back at STAR Labs, Joe brushes off the close call, but Barry insists that he stay put for now — and possibly reconsider the WITSEC option. Joe grows restless eyeballing a photo of Carver, so he privately slaps his badge down and heads out to confront his prey mano a mano. When Carver slips up and reveals that he hired Rag Doll, Joe pulls out his phone which has been recording them and imagines he has Carver dead to rights. Carver, alas, presses a button on his watch which sends out a DMP that erases the audio file on Joe’s phone. “Whatever you think I’ve done, it’s a million times worse,” Carver gloats. “I can eliminate anyone, anywhere” — including, he says, Joe, Cecile and even their baby daughter, at which point Joe slugs the exec on his way out the door.

Over at the Citizen, Allegra is fretting over the attacks on Joe and Cecile possibly being a target when Rag Doll shows up there, KOs Allegra and Nash, and abducts Cecile. Tracking Cecile’s phone, Barry speeds him and Joe to the location. While Barry grapples quite literally with Rag Doll, expending precious energy, Joe finds Cecile and discovers that she is seated on a pressure sensitive bomb. Joe deftly changes places with her, then urges Barry to speed Cecile to safety. Barry does that, then doubles back to save Joe. Alas, a depleted Barry arrives moments too late… only to find that Joe managed to defuse the bomb, thanks to a tip from Nash on the phone. Still, Joe is sufficiently spooked that he agrees to WITSEC, even though Barry is not able to track down Iris for a proper father/daughter goodbye.

Once Joe is gone, we see Singh report in to Eva via his car’s rear view mirror, confirming that Joe West is out of the way, as requested. (“Success is assured” and all that jazz.) Eva is pleased, because “if anyone is going to make my husband pay, it is going to be me.” Eva then pays Carver himself a visit, via a mirror delivered to their swank home. She wants an apology, but he declines to oblige. She claims that she “wanted to help the world,” whereas he is now “destroying it.” She trumpets that she had “a vision for mankind,” which Joseph says he is now “making a reality,” even as his wife rots in the Mirrorverse. Eva offers the hubs one last chance to make things right, but he scoffs, “I’m untouchable, literally,” before smashing the mirror into shards.

Things are even more tense at the West-Allen household, when Barry returns from seeing off Joe and finds an irate (or “irate”) Iris (or “Iris”). Iris argues that Barry, given all his powers, should have sped to find her in time. Bar says that Joe will be back once the Carver situation is handled, to which Iris blasts back, “It could be years!” before they catch him. Iris insists that Barry take her to her dad right now, but he says he can’t. “Can’t, or won’t?” she hisses back, agitating him further and further, all the while noting his speed gauge changing colors. Driving the knife in further, Iris says, “I trusted you, but now we have something else in common — we both lost our parents.”

Barry is taken aback by the dig, but is even more surprised by what comes next. “I want you to leave,” Iris huffs, opening the loft door. She contends that he “always” does this, makes bold decisions and leaves others to “deal with the fallout,” but now “I am done.” Barry believes “we can get through this,” that Iris is his home. “Not anymore,” she makes clear, before shutting the door closed in his face, as his speed gauge ticks down another shade.

Elsewhere…. Ralph tracked down Sue Dearbon, who was plotting to steal from a series of banks that, he eventually realized, were all owned by Carver — who apparently has the goods on her parents. Sue acknowledged that as much as she enjoys toying with Ralph, she does feel bad after doing it. Before leaving, she gives him the diamond she stole during her first appearance in the show, saying, “Look into it, you might find something interesting. I know I did” — and she is referring, of course, to the Black Hole logo we know to be etched on the stone.

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