Fraggle Rock Returns on Apple TV+ With New Episodes — Watch Teaser

Looking to cast your cares away? Apple TV+ is booking return trips to Fraggle Rock with a series of mini-episodes, the first of which is now available to stream for free.

Produced by The Jim Henson Company, Fraggle Rock: Rock On! reunites viewers with beloved characters from the original Fraggle Rock series (1983–1987), including Gobo, Red, Boober, Mokey, Wembley, and Uncle Traveling Matt. They join together for “new stories and classic Fraggle songs that show everyone how we are all connected through friendship.”

According to the show’s description, “While the Fraggles might be in different parts of the Fraggle Rock caves, they can still find ways to have fun together, with music, silliness, special guests, and of course the help of devices created by the industrious Doozers — lovingly called the Doozertubes.” This is key information, because the first mini-episode (“Shine On”) centers around a new shipment of Doozertubes arriving at the Fraggles’ caves. If you don’t understand basic Fraggle infrastructure, you’ll be totally lost.

Executive-produced by Halle Stanford and John Tartaglia, Rock On! is filmed entirely on iPhone 11 devices “from the homes of the production team and individual artists from all over the U.S.,” according to an Apple TV+ release.

Additional episodes of Fraggle Rock: Rock On! will premiere globally every Tuesday. Will you check it out? Hit PLAY on the teaser above, then drop a comment with your thoughts on this apparent Fraggle-sance below.