Run Recap: Hey, Jealousy

Run Season 1 Episode 2 Kiss

It’s safe to say that if you run away with an ex you haven’t seen in 15 years, you’re probably in for a bumpy ride. Last week’s Run premiere revealed that Ruby didn’t just bail on a husband, she left a pair of children high and dry, too. Why did she uphold her side of the pact to meet with Billy, and will it be a decision she comes to regret?

When Episode 2 starts, Billy is in tears. It’s the day he originally texted Ruby, and the second he hits Send, his phone rings. It’s Fiona, presumably another ex, who says she’s on her way, but we all know he’s not going to be around when she rings that doorbell.

Back in the present, Billy and Ruby flirt in their roomette which turns into a full-on make-out session. It’s a clumsy tornado of limbs, as the two bang into the tiny room’s walls, sink and bed. When Ruby disrobes, Billy sees a scar across her navel that throws him. The two finally get hot and heavy, but Ruby’s incessantly vibrating phone ruins the mood, and soon enough, the two kick-start some passive-aggressive bickering. She calls him frigid, while he accuses her of gaslighting him. She storms out of the room, and when she’s gone, he takes a credit card out of her wallet.

On the phone with her husband, Ruby accidentally lets it slip that she won’t be back for a week. He’s flummoxed, but after she tells him she really needed the break, he oddly lets her off the hook. When she gets back to the room, Billy is outside leaning against the door. She tells him that she showed up for sex, but Billy isn’t in the mood. She threatens to seduce the next person that walks out of the bathroom, and when it turns out to be an attractive younger guy, Ruby goes in for the kill and follows him to the bar car. Jealousy instantly washes over Billy’s face.

“I couldn’t help but notice, you really took your time in that bathroom,” she says. Not the best pick-up line of choice. She introduces herself as Dolores, and eventually convinces the guy, Derek, to go back to her roomette, just as Billy shows face in the bar car. Derek is no dummy though, and quickly deduces that something’s up between Ruby and Billy.

Meanwhile, Billy Googles Ruby. He finds her on Facebook, then opens up her husband Laurence’s profile. He Googles Laurence, too, before getting pissed off and slamming his laptop shut. He gets a text from Fiona, who then calls him, but we only hear Billy’s half of the convo. “I can keep running away,” he says. “Because I don’t want to do this anymore. You’ve been amazing, but it’s over.”

Back in her room, a still-clothed Derek asks Ruby if they’ve been gone long enough for Billy to think something happened. He doles out some “sexy talk” that Ruby can use to make Billy jealous, which both turns her on and makes her extremely uncomfortable. When Ruby and Derek make their way back to the bar car, they wind up playing a drinking game with Billy until the sun comes up. Billy makes a light jab at Ruby’s age and she storms off again. “I thought seeing you again would make me feel good, but instead, it just makes me feel sad,” she barks.

The train arrives in Chicago and Ruby’s had enough. “Thank God we didn’t do anything that I can’t take back,” she says before jogging off the train. She types out, “I made a mistake. I’m sorry,” on her phone, but deletes it before sending. After her credit card is declined at an ATM, she calls Laurence only to find quite the surprise on the family answering machine: “Hi there, you’ve reached the Richardsons. Leave a message for Laurence, Hunter or Scooter at the beep. If you’re looking for Ruby, she ran out on her family yesterday. We don’t know where she is, why she left or when she’s coming back. Have a great day!”

We leave Ruby stranded in the station, her mouth agape.

Is Billy some sort of sociopath? What’s his long game here? Leave your best guesses in the Comments below! 

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