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MacGyver Spoilers Mac Riley

Will MacGyver soon have a romantic problem to solve? Will Max be No. 1 with a bullet on Zoey’s Playlist? What unlikely alliance will form on Legends of Tomorrow? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows!

This season on MacGyver we’ve started to see a shift in Mac and Riley’s relationship, especially showing that she may be starting to have feelings. With this storyline be looked into more? Anything you can tease? –Haley
If you are among those who have taken notice of Riley’s possibly romantic feelings for Mac, know that someone else soon will too — Bozer, who in the April 24 episode of the CBS drama will clock his colleague’s reaction to a Mac/Desi “moment.” But will Riley ‘fess up when presented with Bozer’s theory? Further escalating the situation, the May 1 episode will find Mac and Riley paired up for a quite perilous mission, separated from the rest of the team.

What is the scoop on Zoey and Max from Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist? I’m dying to know if these two have chance of being together by the Season 1 finale. What is in store for them? –Ashley
I delivered your Q to Austin Winsberg, creator of the NBC freshman, and he wrote back, “Zoey and Max’s relationship will continue to evolve and change in surprising ways for the rest of this season and beyond. By the end of Episode 12 (airing in early May), I believe Zoey and Max fans will feel like these two have been on a real journey together — and also that their journey is, in fact, just beginning.”

I was a big fan of Deputy. Is there any chance someone else could pick it up? –Bill
It’s highly unlikely, seeing as the Fox castoff is not being actively shopped around.

OutlanderDo you have anything about Outlander, specifically about Brianna? — Sara
Sophie Skelton says fans should prepare to learn that Stephen Bonnet, this season’s Big Bad and possible bio dad to Brianna’s son, “is a little more messed-up than we even realized” — which is really saying something. When something from his past comes into play, “it actually makes him act in a very different way to Brianna than we would have expected. There’s a bit of a twist in his demeanor and his goals.”

Anything on NCIS? –McAdams
If you were perchance wondering if any of the four episodes not filmed in time for Season 17 featured any romantic developments for Bishop/Torres or, if they’re your kink, Gibbs/Jack, co-showrunner Frank Cardea told me, “Not specifically, no.”

Any idea when Filthy Rich will premiere on Fox?  I’m so excited to see Aubrey Dollar back on TV again. —Amy
I, too, am a fan of the Guiding Light (and Point Pleasant) alum, whose name I choose to pronounce with a Canadian accent — but I asked around and there is nothing yet to announce.

This is for the showrunners of Chicago Med: What are their plans for the storylines which would have been in the last three episodes for this season? Will they still happen or be scrapped? –Aurora
Co-showrunners Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider emailed us that in the originally envisioned season finale, “We intended to have major developments in all the important relationships: Natalie/Crockett, Will/Hannah, Ethan/April, Charles and his daughter Anna, Goodwin and her son Michael, and Maggie/Ben. We want to incorporate these personal stories into the next season, but how far we jump ahead in the timeline remains to be seen. Stay tuned!”

In this Prodigal Son scene, Dani is about to embark on a badass chase

Anything about Prodigal Son‘s Dani? –Malasha
In this Monday’s episode, she engages in a fantastic bit of hand-to-hand combat with a scrappy POI, in a face-off that Dani ends with an extremely nifty move.

Is there any news on a Season 4 for Harlots on Hulu? I finally watched and devoured all the episodes. –Viviana
Nope. But no news…. isn’t the worst news?

What can you tease for Legends of Tomorrow and the danger caused by the arrival of Charlie’s sisters? –Derrick
It sounds like Charlie will find a most unlikely ally later this season, presumably to deal with said siblings. “[She and Astra] are forced to work together for the greater good, basically,” says Maisie Richardson-Sellers, who plays Charlie. “It’s a very unlikely crossover between worlds, I’d say. And in many ways, Constantine is kind of the linking factor between them.” Astra’s portrayer, Olivia Swann, confirms, “They meet at some point, and it’s not particularly easy. But it’s interesting seeing Astra not in her comfort zone. Ironically, Hell is her comfort zone, so it’s interesting seeing her in her own version of Hell.”

Animal Kingdom - 413 618500Do you know if the three summer shows that I’m really looking forward to — Animal Kingdom, Queen of the South and Yellowstone — had completed filming before the shutdown? –James
Here is what I’m hearing: TNT’s Animal Kingdom had filmed about half of Season 5 before having to press pause, and USA’s Queen of the South was also interrupted, but Paramount’s Yellowstone completed filming its 10-episode third season.

Any leftover New Amsterdam scoop for Season 3? —Stacia
Among the storylines that went unresolved when Season 2 was truncated and thus will be addressed next season are Iggy’s worrisome binge-eating. “That’s something we’ll definitely have to pick up, because it won’t just go away on its own,” showrunner David Schulner says. Plus, the EP really wanted to celebrate Reynolds and Evie’s nuptials. “I thought we were all gonna get together for a wedding,” Schulner adds. “That didn’t happen. So right now, Reynolds and Evie are in San Francisco, and we have to adapt to that. We never got the wedding we wanted.”

Have the ratings for One Day at a Time Season 4 been good enough for a Season 5 on Pop? —Karen
I am hearing that Pop is very pleased with the numbers thus far, yes.

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