Survivor: Winners at War Recap: Who's Ready for Some Love?

Survivor Season 40 Episode 10

Some quarantined Survivor fans might wish they were stranded on an island sans family right about now, but the grass, my friends, is always greener. By Day 24, the remaining 10 castaways are starving for some love from home, and tonight, we’ll see yet another Survivor milestone play out: the loved ones’ visit!

But the players have quite a surprise coming when not just one person shows up, but their entire families hit the Fijian beach. Grab yourself some tissues, it’s gonna get sappy.

Jeff Probst wastes no time, reminding the players what — and who — they’re playing for. Just seconds in, Kim’s husband and children are running out on the beach. Seeing her family at this moment, she calls it one of the best moments of her life. Par for the course, every single player is crying, and the tears do. not. stop. Sophie cries seeing her fiancé, while Sarah loses it at the sight of her husband and young son. Some might call the loved ones episode saccharine, but you know what? I’m here for it. Reality TV often turns people into “characters,” so it’s always nice to see the pure joy and heart they exude.

Probst then delivers another shocker: For the first time ever, there is no loved ones challenge. Everyone gets to go back to camp with their families! Aww, Jeff, you softy.

The war takes a break, as parents play with their cute little kids in the sand, but over on the Edge, times are bleak (seriously, they’re not looking so hot). That is, until a boat pulls up, and surprise! The Edge players get their family visits, too! It’s extra emotional for Adam, whose mother passed away shortly after he returned from his original season. Yul calls the visit “sheer joy and happiness,” while Ethan tells his wife he never wants to be away from her ever again. The feelings are real and raw. If these reunions don’t make your heart grow at least three sizes, you might want to check your pulse.

IMMUNITY IS NOW UP FOR GRABS | But let’s get back to the backstabbing, shall we? Players must pull a rope connected to a wobbly table, as they try to stack letters to spell “immunity” with blocks. Jeremy is the first to dump his table, while Kim, Tyson and Nick seem to be the front-runners… until Kim loses everything. Then Tyson! And Nick! Everyone is struggling hardcore. Tony and Ben are neck-and-neck, until Ben eats it and Tony picks up the win. He’ll be safe at tribal council, but one of them is about to be kicked to the curb.

STRATEGY SESH’ | After the challenge, Jeremy talks to Tony about splitting up Sarah and Sophie, who he deems too dangerous. Tony shuts it down. Sarah wants Kim to be next, and the two Cagayan players start bickering and bugging out. Tony finally relents and tells Sarah what she wants to hear. But the immune half of Cops R Us has other plans. He wants to blindside Jeremy. Kim, Tyson and Jeremy, however, decide to gang up and pull in Michele and Denise, in an attempt to get Sophie out. This is pure chaos, people! The vote changes 100 times in just a few (edited) minutes, and everyone starts panicking and thinking about their advantages. Jeremy can safely leave tribal at any moment! Sarah can steal a vote! Kim and Sophie have idols! Looks like the recipe for one turbulent tribal…

THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN | Seconds in, the whispering runs rampant. Probst barely asks any questions before people spontaneously get out of their seats for side chats. “This is our seasons on steroids,” notes Jeremy. When it’s time to vote, Jeremy and Sarah both say Jeff’s name, but then become gun-shy about using their advantages. They play a game of Advantage Chicken, but when Jeff says it’s time to vote for the second time, Jeremy plays his safety-without-power advantage. He cannot be voted out, but in exchange, he cannot vote either. Sarah then plays her steal-a-vote advantage, stripping Denise of her vote. Sarah will vote twice. This is all going to come down to Kim’s idol. She (obviously) pulls it out and, after taking a beat, plays it for Denise. After the votes are read, four votes is all it takes to send Tyson back to the Edge.

WOW. Did Jeremy leave his crew high and dry? Whom would you have voted out? Tell us in the Comments below!

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