90210 Cast Revisits Series Finale's 'Ridiculous' Ending, 7 Years Later: Who Was 'So Ready' for the Show to End?

Seven years later, fans of The CW’s 90210 remain deeply unsatisfied by the drama’s makeshift series finale — and they aren’t the only ones.

We already knew that AnnaLynne McCord wasn’t a fan of the show’s conclusion (click here to watch her homemade alternate ending!), but thanks to a new video uploaded to Shenae Grimes‘ YouTube account on Easter Sunday (a blessing!), we now know that her complicated feelings about the show’s ending were also shared by several of her co-stars.

McCord and Matt Lanter — who played Naomi Clark and Liam Court, opposite Grimes’ Annie Wilson — joined the YouTuber in reacting to their final scene, which includes a daring motorcycle chase, a plane-stopping proposal and one really awkward third wheel. (Sorry, Naomi!) In discussing the show’s abrupt ending, the three also revealed how they learned about the news.

“I was about to leave my house to go to set [to film the Season 5 finale],” Grimes recalled. “The producers called and said, ‘Just so you know, the show’s not coming back.’ … I sat on my floor and I cried.” McCord, meanwhile, had a slightly different experience: “I got a voicemail that said, ‘Please don’t be too happy! Some of your cast are not happy, so if you’re happy, don’t show it tomorrow on set.” Lanter, who found out over social media, said he could tell that both Grimes and McCord were “over it” after five seasons.

(Not-so-fun fact: TVLine broke the news of 90210‘s cancellation back in Feb. 2013.)

The trio also discussed what would have happened if the show had been renewed for a sixth season. Following a five-year time jump, the show would pick up with Liam being released from prison after taking the fall for the explosion at Adrianna’s concert. Grimes can’t remember whether Annie and Liam would have been together after the jump, but she’s sure they would have reunited eventually.

“The way that it went down was shocking to everyone, and [the writers] had to scramble,” Grimes said. “I don’t think it gave fans the closure they wanted.”

90210, a continuation of the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise, aired from 2008 to 2013 on The CW. The show is tragically (criminally, even!) not available to stream on any platform.

Hit PLAY on the video above for Grimes, Lanter and McCord’s candid thoughts about 90210, then drop a comment with your own below.

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