SNL at Home: Larry David's Bernie Sanders Cracks Wise About Biden in Concession Video — Watch

Bernie Sanders halted his campaign for president this past Wednesday — but that didn’t stop Larry David from squeezing in another Saturday Night Live impression, this time in quarantine.

“Always a bridesmaid, never the Democratic nominee,” he said as Sanders. Noticeably minus his Bernie wig, David explained in character that “because of the stress of the campaign and the coronavirus, I’ve lost a lot of hair on top, which I don’t think is coming back anytime soon, unfortunately.

“As you know, I have suspended my presidential campaign,” he stated. “People have been very nice, asking if I have enough toilet paper. Please! I’m a 78-year-old man living in Vermont. I have a whole room full of toilet paper. And by the way, not the good stuff. Single ply. I’m talking prison TP!”

Sanders went on to field some frequently asked questions, including “What the hell happened?” He proceeded to place the blame for his campaign’s failure on the media, who “lined up behind Joe Biden like he lines up behind a set of ladies’ shoulders.” Ultimately, though, he said he would endorse the Democratic candidate and do what he can to help beat Donald Trump come November. “That’s why I’m voting for Joe Biden as enthusiastically as Joe voted for the Iraq War,” he said.

In closing, Sanders offered a sincere thank you to everyone who voted for him, including “the young people, the queer people, the Brendans, the Kyles and, of course, the hot girls who love weed.”

What did you think of Larry David’s latest (and final?) turn as Bernie Sanders?

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