Modern Family Kids, Then and Now: See How Much Everyone Grew in 11 Seasons

Modern Family Before & After

Friendly warning: If you’re already getting emotional thinking about tonight’s Modern Family series finale (ABC, 8/7c), these photos aren’t going to help.

In honor of the Emmy Award-winning comedy wrapping its 11-season run, TVLine is looking back at how the Dunphy-Delgado-Tucker-Pritchett children — including characters played by Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter, Nolan Gould and Rico Rodriguez — have grown from precocious kiddos to young adults.

The two-hour Modern Family finale event begins at 8 pm with the retrospective special A Modern Farewell, followed by the show’s two-part final episode, appropriately titled “Finale.”

Per the finale’s official synopsis, here’s what we can expect: “In Part 1 of the series finale, Mitchell and Cam settle in on their new normal, and Phil and Claire decide that one of the kids needs to move out in order to take control of the house again. Meanwhile, as Gloria becomes more successful at work, she notices Jay, Manny and Joe don’t seem to need her as much. In Part 2 of the series finale, the entire family discovers saying goodbye is much harder than it seems.” (Oh, just rip our hearts out, why don’t you?!)

Browse our gallery of then-and-now photos — you can click here for direct access — to see just how much the Modern Family kids have grown, then drop a comment with your hopes for the series finale below.

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