The Conners: Roseanne 'Returns' to Deliver a Message to Dan — WATCH

Dan’s ailing rebound romance with Louise hits another speed bump on The Conners when Roseanne sends her hubby a cryptic message from beyond the grave — and we have your exclusive first look at her spectral “return.”

In tonight’s episode of the top-rated ABC sitcom (8/7c), Dan confesses to daughter Becky that he regrets breaking things off with Louise (Katey Sagal), who resurfaces this week after a months-long absence. “I miss her,” he admits to Becky, before quickly berating himself for having the audacity to even consider moving on after Roseanne’s death. “Every time I think about the things I’d be doing with [Louise] — going to concerts, ballgames… anything fun — I feel guilty because I was supposed to be doing that with your mom.”

When Becky suggests that Roseanne would have wanted him to be happy, Dan hilariously shoots back, “Oh, no, no, no… she made it very clear that if she went first she wanted me to be miserable for the rest of my life.”

It’s at that moment that Dan receives what he believes to be confirmation of Roseanne’s Louise-related disapproval — from Roseanne herself! Watch the video above and let us know in the comments if you share Dan’s interpretation of The Incident. 

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