B99 Halloween Heist Video: Who Will Be the New 'Greatest Human/Genius'?

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine squad throws decorum out the window in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek at the annual Halloween Heist episode (airing Thursday at 8:30/7:30c, on NBC).

The third-to-last installment of Season 7 finds the gang hyped up and once again determined to find out who is the greatest human/genius. Jake gathers everyone in the briefing room to introduce a new element to the heist — but before he has a chance to divulge anything, Amy and Holt get into a petty argument about who actually reigned victorious in Season 5.

“I won that year,” Holt declares. “You wound up with a modified version of the cummerbund, and you only got that because you slept your way into it.” An appalled Amy then proceeds to fire back at her mentor, saying, “Sorry, sir, that no one here wants to bone you, you dusty old skeleton!”

Outfits worn in the above clip suggest that we’re watching a flashback to Halloween 2019, which the series skipped over during a recent six-month time jump. Holt is dressed in his patrolman garb, while Amy is costumed in an oversized pumpkin getup — not because she’s pregnant, but to potentially conceal heist equipment. Meanwhile, the title of the episode — “Valloweaster” — implies that the heist (or heists?) plays out over three holidays: Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Easter.

For those keeping track at home, previous winners include Jake (in Season 1), Holt (in Season 2), Amy (in Season 3), Gina (in Season 4) and Terry (in Season 6’s Cinco de Mayo-themed competition). That leaves Diaz, Boyle, Hitchcock and Scully as the only officers who haven’t won. So, who are you rooting for this time around? Hit the comments and let us know.

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