Good Girls Sneak Peek: Beth's Empty Nest Causes the Women to Scramble

There’s a bit of a vacancy at the Boland household these days, all thanks to Rio, of course. Last week’s Good Girls saw Beth’s cash-skimming scheme go haywire and now the ladies know: If you steal from your crime boss, he’s going to get you back, tenfold.

As another result of playing with fire, Beth’s home was raided and every single item the family owned is gone, making the house look like a furniture-free, completely evacuated model home. In this exclusive sneak peek from “Nana” (airing Sunday at 10/9c on NBC), the ladies start scrambling to figure out their next steps. Annie helps Beth with a little interior decorating, arranging her square — excuse me — diamond shaped folding table in the new (and very empty) Boland dining room. Ruby, fresh off a gunshot wound, cruises around the joint freely on her shiny, new motorized scooter.

“So what are we gonna do here?” she asks while zipping through the shell of a house. “I made a to-do list!” Beth announces. What’s on the agenda? Check out the clip embedded above to find out.

What else goes down on Sunday’s episode? Beth aims to save some face with Rio by agreeing to pick up a mysterious package. Annie receives terrible news about an old friend and gets some unexpected support from Josh. Plus, a surprise from Stan leads Ruby to question their involvement with crime.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch Ruby’s mad scooter skills, then drop your thoughts about this season of Good Girls in the Comments below!

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