Harley Quinn Recap: [Spoiler] Gets Unmasked in Season 2 Premiere

Harley Quinn Season 2

Harley Quinn returned to DC Universe on Friday, setting the stage for another chaotic season of murder, mayhem and various other R-rated shenanigans. Oh, how we’ve missed this show.

Picking up shortly after the collapse of The Joker’s tower, the premiere reveals Gotham City to be in shambles, so much that it’s formally been declared “no longer part of the United States.” (You’re next, Florida!)

Harley finally has everything she’s always wanted (“anarchy and sushi!”), but with so many other villains jockeying for power in Joker’s absence, their steady stream of goons is becoming a real nuisance. And in classic Harley form, her attempt to rid the city of said goons totally backfires, filling the streets with a series of equally annoying knock-off villains.

Desperate to restore order to the criminal underworld, New Gotham’s baddest baddies — Bane, The Riddler, Mr. Freeze, The Penguin and Two-Face — form the Injustice League, inviting Harley to join their inaugural meeting. Unfortunately, she’s not really vibing with their plan, so they put her on ice… for two months.

Harley’s crew eventually executes a plan to infiltrate Penguin’s lair and defrost their loudmouth leader — emphasis on “executes.” By the time Harley is finished ripping through Penguin… well, let’s just say I’ve never seen so much blood come out of a single person, animated or otherwise. In the end, Harley vows to take down the surviving members of the Injustice League, then claim New New Gotham City for herself.

While all of this is going down, Commissioner Gordon is busy — what else? — completely falling apart. His hopes are briefly lifted when “Batman” answers the Bat Signal, but he’s quickly disappointed to realize that it’s just Robin in Batman’s costume. Not helpful. Gordon then decides to restart the Gotham City Police Department, even offering to deputize his wife… who responds by asking for a divorce. Also not helpful.

Then comes one final twist: a pair of doctors are observing a man who has been in a coma ever since he was pulled from the rubble of Joker’s tower. And that man is… Bruce Wayne!

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