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Manifest Crisis: Is Michaela to Blame for Things Going 'Horribly Wrong'?

Manifest Recap Cal Kidnapped

As NBC’s Manifest laid the groundwork for next week’s Season 2 finale, there was a lovely wedding, yes, but there would be no honeymoon for Michaela, whose decision to blow off a calling arguably has had disastrous consequences.

As Josh Dallas reminds TVLine, “What Ben has come to realize, particularly after that episode where Grace almost died, is that what what we have to do is follow the callings. He says it to Grace — we have to follow the callings, because that’s where the answers lie.”

Michaela, however, ignored a calling to “let him go” when she tracked down Jace Taylor and his two meth lab buddies (aka the three shadow figures). If she hadn’t cuffed and arrested them, they might have been inside their meth lab when it later blew up. Instead, they were fruitlessly interrogated at the cop shop, before orchestrating their escape from a prison transport. That night, after Mick and Zeke pulled away in their “Just Married!” car to spend the groom’s final, pre-Death Date days together, Jace & Co. sneaked up on Cal in his front yard and grabbed the lad. Moments later, Jace called Mick to deliver an ultimatum: “Get us back our stash, or we bury your nephew!”

Once looped in at the start of the Monday, April 6 finale, Ben’s reaction to Cal’s abduction “is not going to be good, let me tell you,” warns Dallas. “Michaela had a calling to follow and she didn’t, and things start to go horribly wrong. Horribly wrong. And this is where you’re going to see a great tension” between brother and sister.

As if him and Grace worrying about their kidnapped son wasn’t enough, Ben this week also started to have the most harrowing calling yet, of Flight 828 exploding in the night sky. (Was that hinting at the meth lab explosion, or something else?) Saanvi meanwhile made bold moves to make Vance resurface, suspecting as she does that the Major was behind her abrupt job termination. Vance affirmed as much, saying that the Major has made inroads on Saanvi’s stolen research, and thus needs her out of the mix. Saanvi, though, has no intention of hiding. Rather, she is rarin’ to go after the Major!

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