Survivor Recap: The Exes Go to War, While [Spoiler] Raises the White Flag

Survivor Winners at War Season 40 Episode 7

It’s #WhiteRiceWednesday again, but honestly, we’re still shook by last week’s electric double vote-off. Parvati and Sandra’s torches (and games) were doused, while Denise stepped up as a potential successor to the Queen’s throne. Using Sandra’s own idol to knock her out was a power move for the record books in a season that’s quickly rising in the Survivor Hall of Fame rankings. We are here for it, and Denise, we stan.

LIVIN’ ON THE EDGE | Parvati is giving the crew the rundown of her exit when Sandra strolls in with an even better story. After Sandra gives them the hot goss, she shocks the Edge crew by saying she’s outta here. “I’m not very good at the challenges. Everybody knows that. I feel I would be wasting my time,” she says. And with that, Sandra raises the flag and sails off toward her Survivor retirement. So long, Queen.

Wendell and Michele talk about not wanting to create chaos at tribal, but it doesn’t take long for Wendell to get pissy. “How the hell do you move forward with someone like that?” Michele asks Yul, who’s noticed the different ways Wendell talks to Michele. Michele says she doesn’t want to move forward with moody Wendell after all, even though she did give him one of Parv’s fire tokens as a peace offering.

THE EDGE | “Every day’s a battle,” says Ethan, who’s struggling to remind himself why he’s there. “It’s depressing. I feel defeated,” he says, but he’s searching for silver linings. Ethan tells Parvati that he’s worried the fasting will give cancer an opportunity to regrow inside of him. He says he thinks about pulling the flag, but he’s not going to.

The group gets a clue that tells them four fire tokens are hidden, and immediately, the race is on. Rob gets to the top of the mountain first, but it’s Tyson who finds the first token. No one can find the others because Rob snagged three before they even got up the hill. He (obviously) lies and tells the gang he didn’t find any.

DAKAL BEACH | Tony’s happy that Denise made a huge move. Not only did she do his dirty work, but she made herself a target in one fell swoop, he says. Jeremy, however, still thinks Tony is the bigger threat. Denise talks to Kim about solidifying a threesome with Jeremy, and Kim, wanting to solidify a plan for the merge, is down to clown.

SELE BEACH | Adam and Ben are antsy about a possible immunity idol, not knowing that Sophie already snagged it. Ben starts to get on Adam’s last nerve, and honestly, he’s been on mine for weeks (JUSTICE FOR CHRISSY). Adam is convinced that Sarah has the idol, which Sophie then tells her. The foursome accuses each other of having it before deciding to squash the bickering.

IMMUNITY IS NOW UP FOR GRABS | For the challenge, the tribes must carry a large saucer to a water source, fill it and empty it into a well. Once enough water is filled, they’ll get puzzle pieces, aaand… you know the drill. The saucer is cumbersome, so every little move causes water to spill out. Yara is able to retrieve their puzzle pieces in one run, which puts them in the lead, but the other tribes aren’t far behind. Thanks to Sophie, the Puzzle Guru, Yara becomes the first tribe to win immunity. Dakal becomes the second immune tribe, beating Sele by literal seconds. Looks like this Michele/Wendell drama is about to play out on a stage. This island doesn’t seem big enough for the both of them.

SELE BEACH | Nick blames Wendell for the loss, and with Yul, the two decide they’re writing the Ghost Island winner’s name down. Despite their drama, Wendell and Michele say they’re voting together, but will that actually happen? When Yul rolls out a plan to try and secure Wendell’s fire tokens, his smarts start to worry Nick. Michele and Nick talk about possibly cutting Yul, but Michele doesn’t want to get burned by Wendell again.

THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN | Jeff grills Yul about being the only old-school player left in the game; Yul says this game is “three notches” above the game he played on Cook Islands. Yul then strategizes out loud about the fire tokens, which does nothing but show the group how intelligent he is. Wendell then makes it very clear he doesn’t want to work with Michele, and she’s not having it. “I don’t know how I can potentially work with that,” she says. “It’s not lovers’ paradise going on here.” It’s time to vote, and Wendell votes Yul, while Yul returns the favor. Jeff tallies the votes, and when all is said and done, Yul is sent to the Edge. On his way out, he gives one fire token each to Sophie and Sarah.

Did the right person get the boot tonight? Were you surprised Sandra raised the flag? Tell us all your thoughts in the Comments below!