Working From Home? Here Are the Best TV Shows to Have on in the Background

Best TV Shows to Watch Working From Home

Raise your hand if you’re new to working at home and had never before realized how eerily quiet your place can be! Never fear: We’ve got 17 easy solutions for that, and they’re all accessible via your TV remote.

The coronavirus crisis has forced many of us who are lucky enough to still have jobs into working from our living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and anywhere else there’s an electrical outlet and a WiFi signal. But those days can get long and lonely without the constant background noise and chatter that a workplace full of colleagues (or maybe just one annoyingly verbose co-worker) usually provides.

TV shows — that is, the right TV shows — are the perfect way to fill the void. But here’s the rub: You can’t turn on anything too intricate, too visual, too smart or too serialized, because it’ll pull your focus away from where it’s most needed: your livelihood.

So the TVLine staff has come up with a bunch of options for you to stream and/or watch in real time during your workday. Some are silly. Some are old favorites you may already know by heart. Some are very concerned with shiplap. And at least one is guaranteed to have you humming its theme song for hours after you log off. (File it under “workplace hazard.”) But none of them require much, if any, of your brainpower, in the best way possible.

Click on the gallery at right to see what shows we’ve picked and what TVLine staffer chose them — or go directly to the gallery here — then hit the comments with your recommendations for other shows to watch while working from home.