Curb Your Enthusiasm Finale Recap: Latte Larry's Sparks More Than Spite

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10 Finale

Latte Larry’s may be up and running, but it doesn’t seem like an apology from Mocha Joe is coming any time soon. In the Season 10 finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry creates havoc between expectant parents and also offends his knee doctor. What else can go wrong for the social assassin? Plenty! Let’s see what else Larry can stir up.

The episode begins with a Today news story covering Larry’s spite store. Larry retells the story of his banishment at Mocha Joe’s. Larry tells the reporter that if Joe just apologizes, he’ll close up shop. In related news, Jonah Hill is operating a spite deli he created after finding a hair in his Irv’s Deli sandwich. And Hill had this “brilliant idea” all because of Larry. He’s not the only one. Sean Penn opened a spite store for rare birds! What is happening is sheer madness, and we are here for it.

Larry heads to the knee doctor, who confirms he has a tear in his meniscus. Larry says he might get a second opinion, but the doctor doesn’t seem enthused. Larry knows his late mother would’ve wanted him to get a second opinion. “Even though she’s dead, I need to shut her up,” he says.

Larry finds Joey Funkhouser in a locker room and gives him a job at the coffee shop. At lunch, Larry tells Leon and Jeff that Joey — who is Marty’s trans son — gave himself an abnormally large penis, which spawns an entire conversation about “the big johnson community.” Larry says he foresees “big problems with that penis.” Big.

After a fire truck flies through traffic, he finds the firemen sipping coffee at his store. He tells them they abused the siren, but he wants them to enjoy their coffee anyway.

At Jeff and Susie’s, Larry meets their expectant friends and quickly tells them a story about an abortion his ex-girlfriend had. He asks the couple about the skin color of their baby, since they’re an interracial couple. The man answers that he prefers a darker skin tone, which offends the pregnant woman. The two have a spat and wind up leaving awkwardly.

Larry goes for his second opinion, and this doctor thinks his tear can heal itself. Larry then tells the first doctor about his second opinion, and the doc is peeved. “Don’t be mad,” Larry says, before acquiescing to the surgery. Naturally, this turns into a screaming match. This is Larry David’s world, after all.

Larry finds another “siren abuser” when an ambulance pulls to the side of the road with no patient inside. He then goes to get Jeff’s friend’s watch fixed at a jeweler and finds Mila Kunis inside. She opened up a jewelry spite store after being inspired by Larry. She can’t fix the watch, though. “I’m just here for spite,” she says.

Larry finds Joey in the locker room once again and leaves the watch on the counter. When he’s finished using the bathroom, the watch is on the ground, shattered to pieces. He confronts Joey, accusing him of knocking it over with his big penis. Joey fesses up because hey, accidents happen!

Larry returns the destroyed watch, and the guy is irate. Larry explains that the large penis of a recently transitioned male is to blame, but somehow that doesn’t help his case. Larry drives the guy to the hospital when his wife goes into labor, and has an awkward run-in with both of his doctors. The docs then get into a screaming match over who has the better watch repair store to recommend to Larry. Larry quickly and quietly ducks out of the convo.

Later that night, when Joey is closing the shop, he knocks over one of the self-heating mugs onto a pile of paperwork. It quickly lights on fire. Larry, having beef with the aforementioned siren abusers, continuously cuts off a fire truck as it’s trying to get to his store. “I just wish we had gotten here sooner. Some a—hole didn’t respect the siren,” a fireman tells Larry. Mocha Joe’s store goes down in flames, too. Once Larry finds out a mug was knocked over, he thinks Joey’s penis is to blame.

In the last scene, Mocha Joe is having a raucous party at his beautiful new home, which is right next door to Larry’s. It’s loud and abrasive… and he got the money from the fire settlement. He then calls it — wait for it — his “spite house.” Cue the music.

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