Late-Night Quarantined: Jimmy Kimmel Says POTUS Has 'Trumped the Shark' With Racist 'Chinese Virus' Rhetoric

Jimmy Kimmel used his latest coronavirus-themed “minilogue” to call out our “fearless misleader” Donald Trump and his insistence on referring to the coronavirus as the “Chinese virus.”

“He’s really going all-in with this ‘Chinese virus’ nonsense,” Kimmel said. “At his press briefing today, someone got a shot of his notes very close up, and you can see he crossed out the word ‘corona’ and wrote ‘Chinese’ instead, which means even his speechwriter was like, ‘I’m not writing that. You want it? You change it yourself.’

“Somebody needs to take his sharpie away,” Kimmel concluded. “I’ve really had enough of this guy… Just shut up already and let the doctors take over. Seriously. You ‘Trumped the shark.’ Go away. Hand it over to Mike Pence, go sit in your room at Mar-a-Lago and scream at the television all day. We’re tired of all the ‘winning.'”

Afterwards, Kimmel welcomed his first celebrity guest of the week: Veep‘s Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

As for the other late-night hosts…

Over on The Daily Show‘s YouTube page, Trevor Noah expressed similar sentiment about Trump — aka “America’s biggest mistake” — and dinged the president for his lie about a potential cure for COVID-19. Later, he checked in with Daily Show correspondent Jaboukie Young-White:

Fellow Comedy Central host David Spade used his second “Lo-Fi” Lights Out monologue to take jabs at Tom Brady, travel influencers and the Avatar sequels:

Over on NBC, Jimmy Fallon performed his third Tonight Show: At Home Edition monologue from his front porch, complete with a laugh track he controlled with his iPad. That was followed by the segment “Hashtags” and a video chat with Jennifer Garner:

Full Frontal shared the second installment of its digital only seeing Beeing at Home, in which Samantha Bee stressed the importance of washing your… hams:

Fellow TBS host Conan O’Brien provided a guide to taking celebrity selfies while social distancing:

Watch the videos above, then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Which late-night host provided your favorite at-home content during their first full week in quarantine?