Books About TV: Here Are 16 Staff Picks — Which Reads Do You Recommend?

Books About TV Reviews

Starting to feel bloated, your eyes bleary, from bingeing too much actual television? Looking for a quieter, TV-related escape while confined to home? (One that has the added benefit of signaling to any rambunctious rugrats, “Shhhhh. There is reading going on”?) Let’s see if TVLine can help.

In the attached gallery (click here for direct access), several staff members — not professional book critics by any means — have shared some of their favorite reads about TV and/or by those who make the magic happen. Our 16 picks include a deep dive into the most-watched show in TV history, a must-read on Must-See TV, a dishy primer on the Brady Bunch life and a two-part post mortem on the infamous late-night wars.

Those looking to crack open a new book/cue up a Kindle will also find on our list a detailed chronicle of two netlets’ rise and fall, an enlightening trip down memory lane with some Golden Girls and a peek inside the mind of a sitcom titan — plus several other options, ranging from educational to enlightening to juuuust this side of gossipy.

Review our 16 picks and then get back to us with your own recommendations, be they memoirs, companion guides or trips “backstage.” The more options, the merrier! 

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