Survivor: Winners at War Recap: A Double Elimination Raises the Stakes

Survivor Winners at War Season 40 Episode 6 Dakal

With Boston Rob finally voted out, perhaps the members of Yara can actually play Survivor this week. Unfortunately for them, they may get more gameplay than they bargained for, when Probst makes not one, but two tribes head to tribal council (which Adam joked on Twitter was “punishment” for sending “The Robfather” to the Edge of Extinction). So which two players are about to get the short end of the “f–king stick“? Let’s dig deep and find out!

At Yara, the tribe is gleeful over the loss of Rob. Ben says Rob had a lack of respect for the other winners, and now with B.R. gone, it feels like “the Wicked Witch is dead.” Adam is nervous. He fears the rest of the tribe might have a stronger connection with each other than with him. “I don’t feel like this is a great celebration. I feel a little bit more cornered on this tribe now than before Boston Rob went home,” he says.

LIVIN’ ON THE EDGE | An advantage is hidden and the players must turn over stones to find it. Tyson figures out that the clue’s “right place at the right time” must be hinting at the tide, so he finds the advantage near a rock where the tide comes in. When the other players come by, he pretends he’s peeing to divert their attention (smooth move, Ty). The advantage turns out to be an idol nullifer; he offers it to Parvati and she immediately scoops it up. Parv now has three tokens, while Tyson earns his first. He immediately buys a jar of peanut butter and… was that really the best idea? The jury’s out. Literally. 

IMMUNITY IS NOW UP FOR GRABS | The players must swim out to a boat and grab bags of rice, which contain three balls. They must maneuver those balls through a table maze to win, but only the first tribe to complete it will be immune. A reward is up for grabs, too — a huge platter of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Sele takes an early lead, but the other tribes aren’t far behind. Ben makes quick work slashing the bags open, while Dakal struggles to keep up. Between Sophie and Adam, Yara sinks all three balls and wins the challenge, sending Dakal and Sele to tribal.

STRATEGY SESH’ — SELE | Parvati knows the guys are coming after her, and Rob’s vote-out makes her feel even more alone. The nullifer isn’t going to get her out of this one; she needs numbers. “We have to find the fracture,” says Michele. Parv knows her only option is Nick, but Michele doesn’t know if she can save her. She pitches a plan to Wendell, but he’s not having it. Wendell asks Parvati for two fire tokens in exchange for his vote, so she takes that information to Nick, which shakes him to his core. Nick reasons that Parvati is a “visible threat,” while Michele tells him she trusts Parvati more.

STRATEGY SESH’ — DAKAL | Tony needs information, so he does what he does best: He builds his renowned spy bunker. (You just gotta love him!) Sandra tells Jeremy she’s sticking with the original Dakal, but Jeremy has his safety-without-power advantage. (Reminder: he won’t get to vote if he uses it, but it’ll keep him safe.) Denise checks in with Sandra and Kim, asking how tight they are with Tony. Denise says she’ll write Jeremy’s name down if it means staying. Tony’s disappearance makes them all nervous. Sandra guesses he’s in a spy shack, and it’s those smarts that led the woman to two victories. Sandra then offers her idol to Denise in exchange for two fire tokens, not knowing Denise already has her own… and Denise takes the deal.

THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN | Sele is up first, and Wendell speaks like a true new-schooler. He’ll stab anyone in the back for $2 million. Wendell and Michele’s former connection comes up; the two exes’ words “aren’t as cushy” as they are with the other tribe-mates. Parvati talks about how Wendell doesn’t seem that receptive to her either, then lets loose that he offered up his vote for her tokens. Parvati and Wendell begin negotiations, but neither will throw out a name. There’s zero trust between these people. “I feel like I’m watching my parents fight and bicker,” says Yul. The votes are read, and Parvati is voted out: 3-2. She bequeaths her tokens to Michele on her way to the Edge.

Dakal’s tribal begins with Kim and Sandra talking about “the threats versus the non-threats.” The conversation then turns to old-Dakal outnumbering old-Sele. Jeremy tells the tribe he can help them win challenges, so they can all move forward. Denise says she’s ready to solidify relationships, and she looks directly at Sandra when speaking. When it’s time to vote, Sandra writes down Denise’s name. And Jeremy… doesn’t use his advantage!? Jeff calls for advantages, and Denise plays Sandra’s idol. He confirms it’s a real idol. She then does something crazy: She plays her second idol for Jeremy. Four votes for Denise come through, but none of them count. Jeff reads the one and only vote left, and Sandra is voted out of the game. She gives her fire tokens to Yul on her way out.

Two HUGE targets just left the game! How will this change things going forward? Is your jaw on the floor? Tell us all your thoughts in the Comments!