TV’s Coronavirus Crisis: Which Shows Are Facing Shortened Seasons? And Which Series Had Already Wrapped?

TV and Coronavirus

Maybe you’ve noticed. Since late February, TVLine has thrown a lot of information at you about which series will (and won’t) be be affected by the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, maybe you’ve not only noticed this but have found your head spinning a bit as a result.

We wouldn’t blame you in the slightest. What’s more, we’re here to help by doing what we all must in a time of crisis: organize our asses off. In our case, that’s meant compiling an exhaustively comprehensive and up-to-the-minute list of TV shows, and noting how, if at all, their production has been impacted. (And yes, washing our hands afterward!)

For some programs — quite a few of them, actually — the news is good. Modern Family, for instance, had already wrapped work on its 11th and final season before one production after another began shutting down. And having completed taping on Season 3, The Masked Singer had closed up its bonkers wardrobe closet until next time around.

For others programs, the news is… less good. Among the series grappling with interrupted seasons are Supernatural and Empire, both of which are currently airing their own farewell seasons. And while we’re not necessarily in favor of long, drawn-out goodbyes, we certainly don’t want to see shows we’ve known and loved hurried out the door, either!

To find out whether — and, if so, to what degree — the series on your must-watch list are being affected by coronavirus shutdowns, scroll through the gallery above (or click here for direct access).