This Is Us Season 4 Finale Promo Teases [Spoiler]'s Return, an Epic Showdown and... Another Tragedy?

The first footage from This Is Us‘ Season 4 finale is out and it looks like we’re way past tense and well on our way to fisticuffs.

The promo, which aired following the NBC drama’s penultimate hour on Tuesday (full recap here), confirms that the simmering feud between battling bros Randall and Kevin will absolutely, definitely reach a breaking point in next week’s closer. The clip also tees up the return of Gerald McRaney as Rebecca’s former obstetrician Dr. K. and hints at a medical crisis for little Jack’s beloved Lucy (possibly involving the birth of their child?).

As we exclusively reported last month, the finale — titled “Strangers: Part Two” — will serve as something of a bookend to the Season 4 premiere, “Strangers.”

Watch the video above and then hint the comments with an answer to this question: You’re kinda scared, right?