Chicago Med EPs Preview Episode 100's 'Crisis Point' and 'Very Joyous' Wedding

Chicago Med Spoilers

You are cordially invited to Chicago Med‘s 100th episode wedding celebration — and to a truth-telling session.

After meeting in chemotherapy and facing numerous hardships, including a close call with death, Maggie and Ben will tie the knot during Wednesday’s milestone installment (airing at 8/7c on NBC). “We wanted an event that would bring everybody together, [where] you could see all of the cast together,” executive producer Diane Frolov says. EP Andrew Schneider adds that there will be “a lot of familiar faces” at the ceremony. But while Frolov describes the big day as “a very joyous, fun event,” everything “doesn’t go quite as smoothly as Maggie planned,” Schneider teases.

Things don’t go smoothly for many of the other characters, either. While crafting the hour, “we were looking at all the storylines to see how they might reach either a crisis point or a resolution,” Frolov shares. Adds Schneider: “We wanted it to be a significant episode in terms of our characters and their development.”

For April and Ethan, their crisis comes in the form of a health scare that’s “tied into the fact that she’s been taking hormone therapy for [IVF],” Frolov previews. And as teased in the promo, a hospitalized April is on the verge of telling her beau about her kiss with Crockett. “She feels, in a way, that she has to atone for what she did with Crockett,” Schneider explains. So everything April is putting her body through is because “she really wants to have a baby, and a big part of that is she really wants to have a baby for Ethan,” Frolov notes. But will he still want to build a life with April after he learns about her feelings for Crockett? Schneider would only tease that Ethan’s reaction to the truth is “big.”

Chicago Med SpoilersElsewhere in the 100th episode, Hannah returns to work after completing rehab and continues to have “a very complicated relationship to Will,” Schneider shares. “He does invite her somewhere. It’s the first baby step in reestablishing a relationship.”

“He knows that she suffered so much,” Frolov continues. “He feels very bad to have been the person, in a way, to have caused the suffering. Of course, being an addict causes the suffering, but he was the one that turned her in, so he has to live with that. And it was a very public humiliation for her, and that’s also something he feels guilty about.”

Chicago Med SpoilersThe hour will also finally introduce viewers to Dr. Charles’ second ex-wife Susan (played by Broadway actress Jill Abramovitz) and their adolescent daughter (Better Things‘ Hannah Alligood), who was first seen during Season 2, but now is “a very different person,” Schneider says. The doc will share “a big story” with his daughter, who could use some more love from her dad. “He’s been taking care of [his wife] CeCe and then grieving for CeCe. He hasn’t been as attentive as he was before,” Frolov reveals.

Chicago Med fans, what are you most looking forward to in the 100th episode? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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