Bull Episode About a Citywide Bacteria Scare Comes With Viewer Warning

Bull CBS Coronavirus Episode

Before the 17th episode of Bull Season 4 got underway on Monday night, series lead Michael Weatherly stepped on screen to deliver a viewer advisory.

“Tonight’s episode deals with a citywide panic, not unlike the fears and concerns people are experiencing all over the world at this moment,” Weatherly said, alluding to the coronavirus outbreak. “Before we start, we wanted to remind you this is a work of fiction. It was written and filmed months ago. And its only purpose is to entertain you.”

In the episode that followed, which was titled “The Invisible Woman,” Weatherly’s Dr. Jason Bull took on the trial defense of Dr. Natalie Reznick (played by guest star Brooke Bloom), an anthrax expert who was accused of orchestrating a series of anthrax attacks that terrorized New York City. Though the facts were against his client, Bull set out to prove that the city was in such a rush to get the bacteria off the streets and calm the public’s hysteria, they arrested the wrong person.

Along the way, we saw one of Bull’s colleagues toss aside an N95 mask when the anthrax threat appeared neutralized; there was also a scientist who made mention that the U.S. government had slashed funding for adequate anthrax research.

If you watched the episode, did it hit at all close to home for you?

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